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Crochet Pattern Central is a collection of links to other people's crochet patterns. The patterns are not mine and I have probably not crocheted them; therefore, I am sorry to say I cannot answer any questions about the patterns themselves.

I feel that people have web sites (and patterns) to be seen, although perhaps there are a few sites that are private. But, unless you secure your site from 'outside access' it is for the world to see.

If you want to be seen, Google and other search engines provide a valuable FREE service to the web community. They provide a means to find web pages about various topics and thus a means for people to find and visit your site.

If your site is a commercial site (one from which income is derived) then you want lots of people coming to your site.

CPC (Crochet Pattern Central) provides an even better 'search engine' type resource for crocheters. Unlike some 'search engines' though, CPC does not contain any content of other people's work. It simply has links to other people's web pages/patterns and is, therefore, much like a road map. CPC does not save or cache any web pages.

CPC is nothing more than a super search engine directory for crocheters.

It is not a problem if you change your links, as CPC has an automated link checker that runs twice a week to fix outdated, removed or changed pages.

Should those of you with free patterns that I am linking to feel differently about this issue, just let me know and I will remove all links to your content immediately.

For those of you who are surfing and do not have patterns, rest assured I am here to help and am not doing anything intentionally wrong.

Happy crocheting,


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