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CPC is, in short, a directory, or a collection, of links to other people's free crochet patterns. People design patterns and put them on a web site. I only categorize them and link to them so you can find them with ease.

Hmm, that must mean it a: doesn't exist b: is on the web without a picture c: it has eluded me to date, or d: is in a book, magazine, or leaflet that you have to buy. Out of all of these, "d" is the most likely answer. I'm not familiar with leaflets, so I'd suggest checking out my favorite forum to see if someone else can help you.

Probably not, sorry. I can only help with problems that are on my site. Most patterns are not on my site, so you must contact the designer who owns the pattern.

Why, one of my favorite places, of course! Crochetville. It's all there. Connect with local crocheters, admire finished products, ask for help, talk about thread crochet or felting, seek patterns, join a swap, discuss yarn... Need I say more? You must register to be a part, but it is free, and worth it!

Don't panic! Help is only a few clicks away... First, you need to know the basic stitches. I suggest Nexstitch's video tutorials. Then, you need to pick a pattern. That's what CPC is here for; there are thousands of pattern choices. If you need help, ask questions at my favorite friendly forum: Crochetville. Another wonderful site with answers to a lot of crochet questions is Crochet Cabana.

Probably, but please don't ask me to help, because I'd probably mess up the entire project! (I crochet, but I don't claim to be an expert.) Sometimes, using different yarn or a different hook size is all you need to do. Or, try inquiring at a forum.

You can if you want. I have an automated link checker that runs every Wednesday and Sunday and catches the dead links. I view the results and either remove or update the link. However, there are sometimes problems that the link check does not catch. Also, if you find a pattern that no longer has a picture or is no longer free, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me a note.

Yes! I'd love to hear about new patterns I haven't found yet.

One word: copyright. Anybody who designs things like that, and offers them, gets in trouble, because the big companies don't allow such. You have to purchase rights to distribute their "image"... whether it is Pooh, Spiderman, or the Green Bay Packers. You may be able to find some character patterns in leaflets, but you won't be finding many (if any) for free online.

That depends entirely on which pattern. Check the copyright at the end of the pattern or on the site where the pattern is located. Most copyrights say you may make the item for your person use or to give as a gift. A few copyrights state you can make the item to sell, as long as you are not selling the pattern itself. You have to do your homework on this.

I respond to every email received (as long as it is not SPAM). If you do not get a reply, perhaps you made an error typing in your email address, spam-blockers did not allow my message through, or your mailbox was full.

Why, of course! KPC debuted in November 2004 and is at your service! :o)

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