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The winter issue of Crochetvolution is now online (with free patterns). - 4140 days ago

Added pattern links in 2 batches (hours apart) today (Oct 27th). If you checked early, check back now for more. - 4147 days ago

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About Me

Hello and Welcome!

Crochet Pattern Central (otherwise known as CPC) debuted after my sister and I got a little tired of wasting time while searching for crochet patterns. She needed HTML, PHP, and MYSQL practice. I enjoyed (and still do) hunting down new free pattern links and corresponding with people writing in. After several months of combined effort, CPC arrived on the scene in late 2003.

When crocheting, I tend to work only with thread (#10 bedspread weight cotton). Thread lends a delicate and dainty touch to my favorite items to crochet--home decor, clothing and accessories, doilies, and more.

Speaking of favorites... Another favorite is oldies/50's 60's/country music, especially when performed by 24K Gold Music Shows (formerly Rockabilly.US). With their "sensational Branson-style" shows, 24K Gold is making waves across Florida at this moment. If you would like to visit their site for show dates, pictures, and more information, click the picture below.

Getting back to CPC... Many people, when emailing me, refer to my "office staff" (as a matter of course). No, it's just me, either at my desk at work during lunch hour or at home in the evenings and on weekends--finding links, organizing links, running link checks, changing links, implementing changes, and replying to emails.

Happy crocheting,


Flexible Fashions

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