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Last Updated: Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This Week:

Amigurumi Easter Bunny in Colored Egg Spaceship
Big Bold Chevron Blanket
Spring Flower Bracelet
Spring Flower Pen

Spring Inspired Hot Pad
Spring Shell Headband
Spring Time Granny

Last Week:

Two Weeks Ago:

*Dragon Toy
*Knight Ken
*Prince Ken
*Princess Barbie
A Flirty Flutter
Amigurumi Smiling Flower in a Pot
Basket Weave Ear Warmer
Beaded Bracelet-Ring
Bow Necklace
Carrot Amigurumi Pattern
Crochet Bow Pattern
Easter Egg Cozy Crochet Pattern
Eccentric Beanie
Emy's Beanie
Eternal Love Hugs & Kisses Infinity Scarf
Itty Bitty Birthday Cake

Lace Ruffle Scarf - Picture Tutorial
Lacy Boot Cuffs
Lacy Shell Scarf
Little Chick Bean Bag Pattern
Little Waves Crochet Rug
Mariposas y Angeles Beanie
Melissa & Clarissa Amigurumi Doll
Monika, the Amigurumi Nurse
Nicois Skinny Crochet Scarf
Pacifer/Binky Clip
Sock Monkey Bag Pattern
Tea Cosy
Tiara Headband
Tranquil Waves Underarm Purse
V-Stitch Leg Warmers
Winter Ain't Over Yet Hooded Cowl

Three Weeks Ago:

*Amigirumi Chick
*Arianna Headband
*Ear Warmer Headband With a Twist
*Floral Bag
Amazing Grace Spa Trio
Arise and Shine-Flower Square
Beaded V- Necklace
Bella the Bunny
Big Bold Chevron Curtain
Botique Bow
Chick Egg Cozy and Stuffie
Child Bunny Hat
Child Bunny Slippers
Clover Bookmark
Clover Leaf Doily
Crochet Daisy Flower
Crochet Easter Egg
Crochet Edged Tea Towel Pattern
Crochet Flower Paper Clips
Crochet Flower Push Pins
Crochet Flowered Doily
Crochet Gift Card Holder Pattern 2
Crochet Inspired Cabbage Patch Hat with Video (All Sizes)
Crochet Pot Holders
Crocheted Link's Hyrule Shield
Cute Dress
Daisy the Duck
Drawstring Backpack to Care-A-Lot
Easter Chick
Easter Egglet
Easy Crochet Ruffle Scarf Pattern with Red Heart Sassy Fabric
Easy Peasy Shamrock
Eggy Bunny
Ever After High Dolls On Summer Vacation
Flower and Leaf Applique
Flower Shoe Clip
Four Leaf Clover / Shamrock
Funmigurumi Cuddlers: Briley the Hippo
Granny Square Baby Blanket
How to Make Wrist Warmers from an Upcycled Sweater

Huggy Bunny
Icy Cactus
IKEA Catalog Inspired Scarf
Julia Cowl
Kids Coin Purse
Linked Up Cowl
Little Fans Down Under, Baby Sweater
Loopy Love Hat
Loose Infinity Scarf
Momma Easter Chick
Papel Picado Lace Curtains
Patriotic Bow Tie For Dogs, Pets and Humans
Pointy Petal Flower Pattern
Pompous Pam the Rat
Rasta Slouchy Beanie
Ready for Spring Beanie
Sassy Girl Triangle Shawl
Shamrock Barefoot Sandals
Shamrock Edging
Shamrock Ring
Simple Curly Leaf
Simple Friendship Bracelet
Simple Lariat
Smiling Bookmark
St. Patrick's Day Clover Applique
Sweet Baby Beanies
The Baby Scale Hat
The Dragon Scale u0096 Adult Hat
The Dragon Scale-Infinity Cowl
The Shy Butterfly - Baby Sweater
The Shy Butterfly-Adult Size
The Shy Butterfly-Baby Beanie
Tunisian Crochet Hanging Towel
Tunisian Crochet Oven Mitt
Tuxedo Baby Top and Short Set
Water Lily (Seamless)
Water Spirit

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