Out On The Town Earrings

by Rachel Geller
This pattern was originally published in the Aug/Sept Crochet Me newsletter!

They're bold. Different. Crazy. Cool. Wild. Perfect for parties, informal weddings and proms, casual dinners, picnics, or shopping outings. Besides, no girl can have enough earrings. Especially fun ones that make you smile.

Materials: (For 1 Pair)
      Small amount #10 (bedspread weight) mercerized cotton thread
      US #6 steel hook (1.8mm)
      48 black hematite E beads (size 8/0)
      Needle to weave in ends
      Earring findings of your choice

US Pattern Notations Used:
      Ch = chain
      Sc = single crochet
      Sl st = slip stitch
      St(s) = stitch
      Lp = loop
      Hk = hook
      Beg = beginning
      Yo = yarn over

      Little love knot = Pull up a loop approximately one fourth of an inch long. (Try to be consistent.) Hold the base of this stitch with your thumb and middle finger so strands are separated. Yo, pull through loop (still keep your fingers there!). Insert hook between the loop (to the right) and the strand (to the left), yo, pull through, yo, pull through 2 loops. Pull up on the loop on hook to cinch/tighten.
      You do not have to use the exact beads or sizes of beads as pictured. Same goes for thread.
      Placement of earring findings (and which ones you use) is entirely up to you. Simple fishhooks would be perfect.
      Crochet rather tightly--it needs to curl!


Thread beads.

 *Ch 1, make one little love knot* (see note above).

Repeat from * to * 4 more times. Ch 2, turn.

Row 2:Sc in 2nd ch from hk. (Ch 6, sc in ch-1 sp preceding each love knot) 5 times. Ch 1, turn.

Row 3: Ch 1. Work 10 sc into each ch-6 lp across, ending with a sl st in 2nd row's beg sc. Turn.

Row 4:*Ch 3, sc in next sc. Ch 1, bring bead up to loop, yo past bead, pull through (keeping bead in front of work with your thumb), ch 1, sc in next sc. Ch 3, sc in next sc. Ch 1, bring bead up to loop, yo past bead, pull through (pushing bead to back of work with thumb), ch 1, sc in next sc.

Repeat from * around (tightly)... (one plain ch-3 loop, one beaded-to-the-front ch-3 loop, one plain ch-3 loop, one beaded-to-the-back ch-3 loop, repeat around).

End with a sc in last sc, tie off, weave in ends. Attach earring findings where you think best.

© Copyright 2005-2006 Rachel Geller - All Rights Reserved.
Pattern is for personal use only and may not be distributed in any way. However, you many use the finished product (crocheted earrings) as you see fit.

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