Women's Coats and Jackets

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
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3/4 Sleeves Jacket

Adult Jiffy Jacket-Cardigan

Alder Buckthorn Fitted Jacket

Alpaca Lace Jacket

+Amazing Accents Jacket

Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Amimono Kimono

Amsterdam Coat

+Anne's Spencer Jacket

Asymmetrical Jacket

Babydoll Wrap

Barcello Jacket

Barcelona Jacket

Bed Jacket


Bike Chain Car Coat

+Blue Blitz Jacket

Bobble Pockets Jacket

+Breezy Duster

Buttercup Lacy Jacket

+Cafe Coat

Camelia Cardigan

Caramel Bog Jacket

+Catskills Jacket

Chevron Jacket

Chicago Swing Jacket

Circle Jacket

Circle Short Coat

Copenhagen Jacket

+Country Car Coat

Country Rose Bolero Jacket

Country Sun Jacket

+Cozy Chic Jacket

Creative Puff-Sleeve Jacket

*Crunch Stitch Twinset

Dalie Delight Circle Jacket

Draped Sleeveless Jacket

Dressing Jacket

Easy Dolman Jacket

Ecru Spring Jacket

Embellished Kimono Jacket

Fan Pattern Jacket

Fantastic Jacket

+Fantasy in Color Jacket

+Five Yarn Jacket

+Flattering Jacket

+Free-Form Jacket

Fur Collar Jacket

Gladys - Lady's Dressing Jacket, 1930's

Glamour Jacket

+Granny Sampler Jacket

Granny Square Jacket

Greenport Dolman Jacket

Highlander Jacket

Ice Blue Jacket

Jackie Lace Jacket

+Jaunty Jacket

Jennifer Granny Square Jacket

Kimono Coat, 1974

Kingston Jacket

Lace Pattern Jacket

+Lacy Delight Cardigan

Lacy Duster

Lacy Jacket

Lacy Teal Jacket

+Lady Sings the Blues Jacket

+Lazy Days Jacket

Lopi Coat, 1974

Lyon Circle Jacket

*Malta Jacket

Marseilles Jacket

+Matinee 'Swing' Jacket

+Matinee Jacket

+Moderne Jacket

Montreal Jacket

Multicolor Circle Jacket

Muskat Jacket

Napa Belted Jacket

Nepal Circle Jacket

Nepal Jacket

Northfield Two-Way Jacket

Ocean in Winter Jacket

One Button Waistcoat

Penny Arcade Jacket

Pink Muskat Jacket

Pleated Jacket

Puff Sleeve Jacket

Purple Haze Jacket

Ribbon Jacket

Ribbon Jacket

Round Yoke Lacy Short Sleeve Jacket

Scallop Mesh Jacket

Scarf-Tied Jacket

Shawl Collar Jacket

Shawl Collar Jacket

Sherbrook Elongated Summer Jacket

+Show Stopper Coat

Siam Striped Jacket

+Spring Green Sweater

Squares Jacket

St. Petersburg Coat

+Streamlined Sweater Jacket

Striped Ruffle Jacket

+Suede Short Jacket

Sundara Jacket

Tailored Jacket

+Textured Jacket

Three/Fourths Sleeves Jacket

Tokyo Jacket

Topaz Hooded Jacket, 1974

Tulsa Jacket

Twinkles Jacket

Versatile Scalloped Jacket

Vertical Stripes Jacket

Vintage Long Jacket

Vintage Striped Jacket

+Vintage Tie Jacket

Vision Jacket

+Weekender Jacket

Whispers One Button Jacket

+Whiter Shades of Pale Car Coat

Wide Sleeves Jacket

Wraparound Topper

Xian Kimono Jacket

Zen Jacket

Zig Zag Jacket

+Zig Zag Jacket

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