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Also see: Amigurumi, Animals, & Dolls.

*Beach Ball

*Beebs the Rockin� Monster

*Dragon Toy


*Gir from Invader Zim

*Plankton from Spongebob

*Pop Tab Lion

*Rabbit In The Pumpkin Patch Interactive Toy

*Sock Monkey


Adipose Baby - Dr. Who Character


Airplane, Mini Stuffed

+Alien, Amigurumi

Alligator Slinky Toy

Amigurumi Toys

+Apple Tree Toy

Army Tank

Aye Aye Eye Patch

Baby Birdie Mobile

Baby Bumblebee Stuffed Toy

Barnyard Gang

Bartleby, the Baby Rat Creature



Baseball Buddies

Bassinet Purse

Beach Ball

Beanie Sleeping Bag

Bear Hand Puppet

+Best Buddies Soft Toys

Big Jet Airplane


Birthday Tiara

Bitty Babies

Blockety Ducky Toy

Blue Totoro

Bobby Blue Toy

Boinky the Baby Pig

Bumble Bee Buddy

Bunny Ears

Bunny Ring Toss Game

Checker Board


Checkers Board Game

+Checkers Set, Felted

Chibi Ninja Toys

Chick Egg Cozy and Stuffie

Child's Ball

+Choo Choo Train

Chuckles the Clown

Circus Seal Toy

Cirque du Crochet Beanbags

Clown Ring Mobil

Cookie Chums - Vanilla Neella

Counting Fish Toy

Cradle Crib Purse

Cradle Wrist Purse Set


Crayon Purse

Cricket Ball

Crinkly Toy Ball

Critter Crunch's Biggs

Critter Crunch's Smalls

Crochet a Creepy Creeper

Crochet Baby Duck

Crocodile Puppet


Cupcake Critters

Cupid's Tic Tac Toe

Curious Alien

Cute Little Characters

Daniel in the Lion's Den Puppet

Deadly Cute Ninja

Detachable Beard

Djembe Drum

Doctor Mask and Bandage

Drum Toy

Duck Pond Playset

Elephant Can Toy

Elmo Baby

Every Girl's Cradle Purse

Fairy Princess Crown

+Fall Foilage Crown, Felted

Fantasy Castle, Characters

Fantasy Tree, Elves, & Animals Set

Fear the Beard

Felted Auto Toy Pouch

*Fiesta Jump Rope

Fireman Hat

Fishing Game Kid's Toy

Flat Fuzzy Friend

Fone Bone of Boneville



Friendly Car Pillow Pal

Frisbee Flyer

Frog Hackey Sack

Frog Puppet

+Fun & Games Bag

Fun Ball

Fun Fishing Game

Funmigurumi Frogs: Croaky Puddler

Funmigurumi Frogs: Humpy the Leaper Toad

Futurama Bender

Futurama's Nibbler


Gabu Creature, The

Galah Parrot Puppet

+Game Bag

George The Snowman

+Gingerbread Checkerboard


Granny's Curly Toy

Great Green Dragon


Grumpy Bear

Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack Foot Bag

+Hackysack-Style Juggling Balls

Hand Puppet

Hanging Toy Organizer

Heavy Metal Guitar Stuffie

Hidden Slinky Ball

Hidden Third Arm Robot

Holly the Clown

Huggy Bunny

Humpty Dumpty

Jack Frost Doll

+Juggling Balls

Kid's Crown

King's Crown

Learn Your Colors Fish Counting Toy


Link (Legend of Zelda) Toy

Little Baker Set

Little Blue Car

Little Football

Little Football

Little Guys

Love Bug, Amigurumi

Mini Roll-up Checkerboard

Mini Stuffed Football

Monster Hopscotch Marker


Mouse Plush Cat Toy

Mr. Ribbet Puppet

Mr. Wotsit

Nibbler (Futurama) Toy

Nick the Stick


Octavius the Octopus

Octo-Slinky Toy

Owl Can Toy

Owlwyn the Owl


Panda Timer Toy

Patchwork Ball

Penguin Bowling

Perfect Sphere Ball

Phoney Bone of Boneville

Piddlesworth Baby


Pirate Bay Playscape

Pirate Hook

Pirate Patch

Play Kitchen Cart Topper

Playful Puppets



Polar Bearling

+Pond Friends Stacking Toy

Pretoria Lion Toy

Princess Crown

Princess Crown Tiara

Princess Fairy Wand

Princess in Disguise Crown

Princess Tiara

Princess Tiara

Princess Wand & Tiara

Puppy Puppet


Purple Panda

Racetrack Rug

Rainbow Fishing Game

Rainbow Necklace Toy

Rainbow Nesting Bowls

Rainbow Pig

Rainbow Rachael Doll

Ray Gun ala Howie Woo

+Rectangle Shaped Monster

Red the Airplane


Rocket Ship

Rocket Ship w/Astronauts & Aliens

Rocket, Amigurumi

Rubik's Cube

Safety Cone

+School Bus Toy

Scottie in Loop Stitch Toy

Scrap Trap


Serenity Ship Amigurumi

Sheila the Aussie Troll Dolly

Shroom House


Smiley Bone of Boneville

Smiley Face Doll

Smiley Tots Party Favors

Snake Puppet

Soccer Ball

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey and Baby Hat

*Sock Monkey Hand Puppet

Soft Ball

Soft Jellyfish Toy

Soldier Doll Toy

Sonic Plushie

Spiraled Wool Ball

Spring Elephant Toy

+Square Monster

Stanley Creature

Stars and Stripes Hacky Sack

Starship Enterprise


Stuffed Animals Hammock

Stuffed Clown

Stuffed Football

Stuffed Lamb Toy

Stuffed Toy Block

Submarine Toy

Sunshine and Rainbows Plushies

Super Slinky Man

Superhero Capes and Masks

Swatchies Creatures

Tea Time Play Set

Teanie Beanie Sleeping Bag

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Tennis Ball

The Percy Pattern!

Thomas the Tank Engine

+Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Tic-Tac-Toe Travel Game


Tiny Pets & Pet House Toy Bag

Tiny Rocket Ship

Toad and Toadette Plushies

Toddler Jump Rope

+Toss and Twist Game

Toy Airplane for Avery

Toy Car Shape Applique

Toy Carry Pouch

Toy Leash

Toy Microphone, Stuffed

Toy Net

Toy Octopus

Toy Plarn Ball

Toy Potholders

Tractor Toy

Tractor Toy

Triangle Ball


Trouser Man & Cock's Comb

+Truck Amigurumi

Turkey Softie

+Two-in-One Games (Checkers & Tic-Tac-Toe)

Two-Sided Rolling Bear Ring Toy

Valentine Bear

Valentine Bear

Valentine Elephant

Valentine Puppy

Wakko Warner Animaniacs Toy


*Yo-Yo Clown

You're a Star Cradle Purse

Zachary Zebra

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