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*Toddler Boat Slippers

A Little Spring Time Dress

Ana Sweater Shell

Baby - Toddler Socks

Baby Belle Hat

Baby's Jacket, 1971-72

Baby/Toddler Keyhole Scarf

Ballet Toddler Slippers

Bartlett Car Coat

Batman Inspired Costume

Bibbed Shorts, 1971-72

Big and Little Dresses, 1970

Birthday Tiara

Blooming Toddler Poncho

Bobby Cardigan

Bolero, Little Girl's

Breath of Spring Hat

Classy Toddler Cloche

Coco's Bobble Dress

Comfy Toddler Sandals

Cozy Hoodies

Crochet Bear Hooded Cowl

Crochet Toddler Mittens

Crochet Toddler Santa Hat

Crochet Top Iris

Crochet Tutu Waistband

Cupcake Toddler Hat

Cutie Fruity Toddler Bracelet

Deeply Textured Toddler Hat

Double Yarn Toddler Hat

Dress, Bolero and Hat

Easy Peasy Toddler Dress

Ella's Request Toddler Dress

Ellie Little Lady Cardigan

Emy's Beanie

Engine 1 Hat

Fall/Winter Pants

Fingerless Child/Toddler Gloves

First Party Dress

Floppy Bunny Toddler Slippers

Floral Dress

Flower Cardigan

Flower Dress

Flower Toddler Hat

Flower Toddler Slippers

Friendly Car Pillow Pal

Frock Dress

Ghost Beanie Hat

Gobble Gobble Toddler Turkey Hat

Groovy Girly Toddler Jacket/Vest

Happy Halter

+Hudson Bay Jacket

Jackie Child's Sweater

Jordynn Ruffle Dress

Juci Toddler Hat

Junior Miss Outfit

Kitty/Frog/Unicorn Winter Sets

+Lacy Child's Top

Lacy Dress

Lacy Dress

Lemon Drop Toddler Dress

+Lion Mane

Little Blossom Toddler Hat

Little Bo Peep Dress

Little Girl Granny Dress

Little Girl's Dresses

Maine Toddler Beanie

Mango Sundress

Miss Muffet Toddler Outfit

Mistress Mary Dress

Mountain Girl Hat

My Baby Toddler Mittens

+Nine Lives Sweater

Oh La La Toddler Tank

On the Trail Hoodie Pullover

Open Weave Beanie

Patriotic Toddler's Hat

Pearls and Diamonds Toddler Cardigan

Peggy Dress

Peter Pan Cardigan

Ping Pong Pink Skirt

+Playtime Comfort Child's Top

Poncho Sweater

+Pretty in Pastels Toddler Set

Pretty in Pink Toddler Sundress

Princess Braids and Crown Hat

Pumpkin Squash Hat

Pumpkin Toddler Hat

Rainbow Sorbet Shell Ribbed Tee

Rib-wrapped Toddler/Kid Cap

Ribbed Picot Keyhole Toddler Scarf

Sashay Ruffle Toddler Skirt

*Scrumptiously Sweet Cape Ensemble

Sedona Toddler Skirt

Simple Crochet Toddler Sweater Size 1

Simple Toddler Slippers

Sitting Pretty Dress

Slip On and Cardigan for Him and Her

Smalls Tots Scarves

Spring Dress

+Star-Bright Cardigan

Starlight Toddler Skirt

Strawberry Cardigan & Cap

+Stripe Collage Cardi

Striped Delight Skirt

+Striped Earflaps Hat

Striped Hoodie

Striped T-Shirt Dress

+Summer Fields Sundress

Summer Raglan Girl's Dress

Summer Toddler Booties

Summer Toddler Halter

Sun Dress


Sweet Little Granny Hat

Sweetie Pie Toddler Dress

Tailored Cardigan

Textured Toddler's Hat

Threaded Ribbon Cloche

Toddler Beanie

Toddler Bella Slippers

Toddler Crocs

Toddler Dress

Toddler Earflap Hat

Toddler Fingerless Gloves

Toddler Fingerless Gloves

Toddler Flower Headband

Toddler Granny Slouch

Toddler Halter Top

Toddler Hat

Toddler Hoodie

Toddler Jump Rope

Toddler Kitty Cat Hat

Toddler Leg Warmers

Toddler Leg Warmers

Toddler Little Dot Mary Janes

Toddler Mary Jane Slippers

+Toddler Owl Hat

Toddler Popcorn Ballerina Leg Warmers

Toddler Princess Crown

Toddler Santa Hat

Toddler Set

Toddler Sized Lady Bug Slippers

Toddler Skirt

Toddler Slippers

Toddler Striped Sweater

Toddler Sundress

Toddler Sunhat

Toddler Tank Top

Toddler Tank Top

Toddler Tutu Dress

Toddler Visor

Toddler Visor

Toddler/Child Pumpkin Hat

Too Cute Skirt and Flower Headband

Tots Hood

Tulip Toddler Legwarmers

Turning Stone Toddler Hoodie

+Turtleneck Sweater and Cap

Two Piece Creeper

Unisex Toddler Poncho

Unisex Toddler Poncho

Vine Hill Toddler Cardigan

Vintage Shell Stitch Dress for Tots

Vintage Toddler Hat

+Wee Vest

Weight Set for Toddlers

Wicked Wizard Witches Hat

Winter Waves Chevron Cowl

You are my Cupcake Toddler Hat

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