Teddy Bears

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Amanda and Annie Bears

Amigurumi Bear

Amigurumi Bear

Arabella Ballerina Bear

Arthur the Polar Bear

Baby Bear

+Bagdelena Bear

Barry The Bear

Basic Teddy Bear

+Baxter the Bear

Beach Bear Rita

Bear Amigurumi

Bear Emoticon Pin/Brooch

Bear Headband

Bear with Balloon

+Bear, Amigurumi

+Bear, Amigurumi

Beary Flower

Beary Jackson Amigurumi Bear

Bed Teddy Dress (Fits 12in. Teddy)

Better Bear

Bev's Bear Beanie

Boo Bear

+Bridal Bear Dress

+Buddy Bear

+Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear

Buttercup Bear

By the Sea Teddy Outfit

Captain Cute the Pirate Teddy

*Chenille Bear Christmas Ornament

Chubby Teddy

+Claude and Claudia Bear

Cocoa Bear

Courage Bear

+Cuddle-Me Bear

+Curly Teddy Bear

*Curly Teddy Bear

+Cute Holiday Teddy

Cute Teddy

Dress Teddy Bear Outfit

Exercise Teddy Bear Outfit

Farmer Bear

+Fireman Bear

+Fur Panda, Amigurumi

Fuzzball Bear

General Bear

Giant Panda

Gift Pocket Bear

Governor Lotso Pattern

Graduation Teddy

Granny Square Teddy

Grey Bear Amigurumi

Heartfelt Bear

+Heartfelt Bear, Amigurumi

Holland Teddy Bear

Humphrey Bear

Icicle - Mohair Bear

Jointed Teddy Bear

Ko-Balt, the Blue Zombie Teddy Bear

Lady Iris Teddy Bear

Large Teddy Bear

Lazy Pandas

Lil' Classic Teddy

Little Bigfoot Bear

+Little Drummer Bear

Little Teddy Bear

Lubi the Bear

Madam Violet Teddy Bear Outfit

Mini Cupcake Bear

Mini Teddy Bear

Mr. Teddy Sleepy Bear Amigurumi

+Nutmeg Bear Sweater

Ogeechee Bear Amigurumi

Old-Fashioned Teddy Bear

P.J. Teddy

P.J. Teddy, Baby

+Pablo Panda

Paddington Bear


Panda Bear

Panda Timer Toy

+Polar Bear Amigurumi

Pose-able Teddy Bear

Purple Panda

Santa Bear

Santa Teddy Bear Head Magnet/Pin

+Scott the Bear

Scrap Teddy Amigurumi

Small Teddy Bear

Snuzzle Bear

Sophie The Bear

Speckled Teddy Bear

Square-Bellied Teddy Bear

Star Trek Teddy Bear

Super Easy Teddy Bear

Sweet & Sour Amigurumi Bear & Friends

Ta-Tas Bear

+Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Applique

+Teddy Bear Blanket Buddy

Teddy Bear Fridgie

+Teddy Bear Hat and Collar

Teddy Bear Square (9")

Teddy Bear, Amigurumi

Teddy Graduation Cap and Gown

Teddy Lovey

Teddy Ornaments

Teddy With Waistcoat

Tessie Bear

Three Bears, The

Tiny Bear

Tiny Teddy Bear

+Tiny Teddy Bear

Tiny Teddy Bear

Tutti Frutti Bears

Two Color Teddy

Two Headed Teddy Bear

Two Tone Pink Teddy

Valentine Bear

Valentine Teddy

Winter Bear Applique

+Yankee Doodle Bear

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