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Smaller Motif Squares

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Also try Tablecloths, as a good percentage of them are made up of small, beautiful motifs.

African Flower Hexagon

African Flower Pentagon

+All in a Row Square

Almost Traditional Granny Square (5")

Alter Nate Square

American Patriot Square (3 1/4")

Another Flower Granny Square (4")

Aruba Star Medallion

Baby Afghan Square 2 (4 1/2")

Baby Granny Square (4 1/2")

Baby Two Color Square (5")

Basic 6 Sided 2 Rnd Granny Style Motif

Basic Five Sided Pentagon Shape

Basic Granny Rectangle

Batman Tapestry Square

Beautiful Medallion Motif

Bedspread Square (4")

Bee Hexagon

Blushing Bride Square (5 1/2")

Bonnet Baby Square (4")

Bonnie's Christmas Double Hearts Square

Brighten My Day Medallion

Busy Lizzie Flowers Block

Buttercup Square (5")

+Cat's Head Square

Cathedral Window Motif

Charmant Motif (5")

+Check Stitch Block

Christmas Flower Motif

Christmas Motif

Circle Center Boxed Shell 6-Sided Hexagon Motif

Circle Granny Square

Circle in a Square (3 1/2")

Circle to Hex to Triangle (5")

+Circles and Bobbles Block

Classic Granny Square (5")

Color Changes Granny Square (4")

Columns Square (5")

+Concentric Circles Block

+Concentric Squares Block

Corner Puffs Motif (4")

Corner Start/Diagonal Granny Square

Crystal Star Motif

Cygni Square (5")

Dc Wave Lace Panel

Diamond in a Frame Granny Square (5")

Dimensional Flower Granny Square (5")

+Dog's Head Square

Dolphin Afghan Square (5 3/4")

Double Heart Square Patch

Easy Granny Square Motif

Easy Ruffled Square

Easy Triangle Shaped Motif

+Fair Isle Square

Favorite Daisy Motif

Fish Afghan Square (5 3/4")

Floral Granny Square (3 1/2")

Flower Box Granny Square

+Flower Center Circular Motif

Flower Garden Motif

Flower Patches

Football Center Granny Type Afghan Square

Forget-me-not Mini Granny Square (3 1/2")

Four Hearts Square (5 3/4")

Frilly Granny Square

Golden Season Medallion

Granny for Christmas Square (4.75")

Granny Rose Square (5")

Granny Spiral Square

Granny Square Shirt Inserts

+Granny Stitch Hexagon Motif

+Granny Style Quad Rosette Motif

Granny Triangle Tutorial

Half a Granny Square

Heart Afghan Square 2 (4")

Heart to Circle to Square Motif (5")

Hexagon Motif

Hexagon Motif

+Hexagon Wheel Motif

Hofri Diamond Motif

+Homestead Square

Horizontal Hearts in a Row Patch

In Bloom Medallion

Interchangeable Hexagons

Jane Motif

Knobby Granny Square

Lacy and Bright Square (5 1/2")

Lacy Spokes Motif

+Lacy Stripes Block

Lavender Square (3")

Leilah the Lazy Hegaxon Granny

Lisa's Granny Square

+Little Gems Square

Little Hexagon Motif

Little Round Motif (3")

Malmaison Hexagonal Rosy Motif

Matilda Heart Granny Square

Mini Puff Cross Square (3")

Multicolor Hexagon Square

Nine Heart Motif

Not In The Middle Granny Square (12cm)

Number Sign Row Count Square (4 1/2")

Octagon Granny Motif

+Octagon Star Motif

Off Center Lines Square

One Quarter Granny Square

Openwork Motifs (Small)

Oval Granny Square

Paisley Motif

Photos Square

Picot de Mayo Medallion

Pineapple Square (4")

Poinsettia Square (3.5")

+Popcorn Sample Square

Pretty Pinwheels Motif (3 3/4")

Puff Flower Hexagon & Half Hex

Quilt Inspired Square (3 1/2")

Rectangle Grannies

Rectangular Granny Square

Retro Polka Dot Motif (3")

Riley Flower Square Motif (3.5")

Rings Diamond Motif

Rose and White Motif (4")

Round Flower Patches

+Scales Block

Scrap Savers Hexagon Motif

Scrap Yarn Square (3")

Shells and Loops Large Hexagon Motif

+Six Petal Flower Motif

Skull Patch

Skull with Heart Patch

Smiley Face Afghan Square (3 1/2")

Spanish Lace Motif

Spider Web Square (4")

+Spiral Block Square

Spring Medallion

Sprocket Motif

Squares in a Square Motif (4")

Stain Glass Tree of Life Square

Stained Glass Look Bird Design Afghan Square

Star Motif

Stash Bustin' - Dream Catcher Square

Stencil Bees Circle Motif

Sun Center Granny Square (10")

Sun Rays Hexagon 6-Sided Motif

Sunburst Granny Square (5")

Sunflower Motif

Sunrise Granny Square

Sunrise Motif

Tea for Two Square (5")

+Textured Stripes Block

+Thistle Sample Square

Torch Flower Motif

+Traditional Star Square

Unholey Rectangle (8 x 13")

Victorian Motif

Vintage Daisy Motif

Vintage Popcorn Square

Water Lily Motif (5 1/4")

Wheel Square (5 1/2")

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