Shrugs and Boleros

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Crochet Pattern Central) before viewing.

*Pietra Shrug

All Night Bolero

Amber Crochet Bolero

Bali Sky Shrug

Barbie Shrug

Beatrice Shrug

Bell Single-Sleeve Shrug

Betty - Long Sleeved Shrug

Betty Shrug

Black Lace Bolero

Black Magic Shoulder Shrug

Bloomed Shrug

Bobbles Bolero Vest

+Bolero Jacket

Bolero, Little Girl's

+Boucle Shrug

+Bright & Easy Bolero

Brilliant Bolero

+Candy Apple Shrug

*Ceylon Girl's Bolero

+Chenille Shrug

+Circular Shrug

Cocoon Cardi

Cotton Bolero

+Cotton Candy Shrug

+Cozy Shrug

Crystal Lace Bolero

Darla Shrug

Delight Bolero

Diva Shimmer Shrug

Easy Bolero

Easy Peasy Circle Shrug

Easy Shrug

English Garden Shrug

Firecracker Shrug

Florida Shrug

Flower Border Bolero

Flower Squares Bolero

From the Middle Bolero

Girls' Simple Openwork Shrug

+Heavenly Bolero

Holey Squares Shrug

+Hollywood Bolero

Hot Blue Shrug

Kimono Shrug

Kush Shrug

+Lace Bolero

+Lacy Springtime Shrug

LaLa Loopsy Shrug / Bolero and Purse

Links and Loops Shrug

Little Dog Shrug

Madison Avenue Bolero

+Madison Shrug

+Maggie Wrap Bolero Cardigan

Magic Shrug

Megan's Shrug

New Wave Bolero

No-Seam Shrug

Nutmeg Shrug

+Olivia's Shrug

*Palm Beach Shrug

Petals Stitch Shrug

Picot Edging Girl's Bolero

Pinstripe Tube Top and Shrug

Plush Long Sleeved Shrug

+Regency Shrug

+Ribbon Bolero

Ripple Shrug

+Romantic Bolero

Rosebud Shrug

Sassy Girl's Shrug

+Sequoia Shrug

+Shell Stitch Bolero Cardigan

Shoulder Piece Bolero

Shrug Off Winter Shrug

Shrug, Crochet

Silk-Alpaca Shrug

+Simple Shrug

+Simple Shrug

+Simply Shrug

Small Bolero

Snug as a Bug in a Shrug

Sonata Shrug

Spring Bolero

Spring Shrug

Spring Shrug

Suede Shrug

Summer Shawl Shrug

Sweet Spring Shrug No Seam Pattern

Swift Shrug

+Thick Bolero

Thread Bolero

Tie Front Pink Top

Two Tone Shrug

+V-Stitch Cocoon Shrug

V-Stitch Girl's Shrug

Vintage Mommy's Hugs Shrug

White Eskimo Bolero

+Wine Shrug

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