Shoes and Sandals

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Adult Flip Flop Slippers

+Anemone Slippers

Baby Starfish Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot Beaded Sandal

Barefoot Sandals

+Barefoot Sandals

Beaded Foot Decorations

Bohemian Barefoot Sandals

Clematis Barefoot Sandals

Coronado Beach Thongs

Croc Trims

+Double Strand Ruffle Flip Flops

+Fabulous Flip Flops

+Fantabulous Flip Flops

*Flip Flop Decorations

Flower Barefoot Sandals

Flower Feet Barefoot Sandals

Flower Flip Flop Decoration

+Flower Flip Flops

Glamorous Slippers/Sandals

Goddess Barefoot Sandals

Heart Barefoot Baby Sandals

Heart Barefoot Sandal

Heart-Sweet Barefoot Sandals

Hippy Feet - Barefoot Sandals

Indoor Sandals

Kitty's Barefoot Sandals

Laces Baby Booties

Lacy Triangle Barefoot Sandals

Lestat Inspired Lacy Boot Cuff

Lestat Inspired Lacy Boot Cuff 2

Mehndi Barefoot Sandals

Open Toe Sandals

+Pansy Slippers

Peep-toe Shoes

Penguin Flip Flop Decoration

Play Shoes

+Posy Ruffle Flip Flops

Recycled Plastic Bag Sandals

+Rose Slippers

Sandal Slippers

Sandals (Flip-Flops)


Shamrock Barefoot Sandals

Slipper Sandals


Spider Sandals

Star Barefoot Baby Sandals

Striped Boots

Summer Fun Barefoot Sandals

Summertime Barefoot Sandals

Thong Sandals

Thread Beach Sandals

Toe Flower Sandals

Tri-Loop Barefoot Sandals

Triangle Fan Barefoot Sandals

Wedgies Slippers

+Women's Loafer Slippers

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