Shawls and Stoles

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A Baby Shawl

A Little Bit of Bling Shawl

+Absolutely Organic Shawl

Abstract Shawl

Afternoon Wrap

*All Season Shawl

All Shawl

Alluring Shawl

Alpaca Angel Shawl

Alpaca Your Wrap

Alpaca/Vivaldi Shaw

Alyssa's Shawl

Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl

Amita Shawl

Aphrodite Shawl

Aphrodite Wrap

Aran Toggle Wrap

Aran Wrap

+Arrow Lake Shawl

Autumn Motif Shawl

Autumn Shawl

Autumn Splendor Wrap

Autumnal Triangle Shawl

Bamako Mud Cloth Wrap & Kufi

Barbara Stole

Be a Friend Shawl

Beach Wrap

Beachcomber Shawl

Beatrice Wrap

Beautiful Shawl

Belize Wrap

+Bella Luna Shawl

+Berry Parfait Shawl

Big Hook Spinal Column Shawl

Black Motif Shawl

Blue Ridge Wrap

Bottom Up No Point Shawl

Bows and Arrows Stole

Breakers Wrap

Bridal Petals Wrap

+Bridal Shawl

Butterflies Shawl

Butterfly Stole

Butterfly Wing Shawl

Butterfly Wrap

Campus Queen Shawl

Carisbrooke Stole

*Carmen's Shawl

Celia Shawl

Center Square Shawl

Champlain One Skein Neckwrap

Charmed Prayer Shawl

+Chenille Stole

Chevron Lace Wrap

+Chinchilla Stole

Chiq Twilight Shawl

Circular Shawl

Circular Shawl

Civil War Era Shawl

Classic Triangle Shawl

Clockwork Shawl

Cocobay Wrap

Collared Stole

Color Blend Stole

+Comfort Shawl

Comforting Shawl

Concerto Shawl

Connected Flowers Shawl

Connected Hearts Triangle Shawl

Convertible Cape

Costa Mesa Shawl

+Country Cotton Shawl

Cozy Shawl

+Crimson Lace Ruana

Crocodile Stitch Shawl

Crossed Treble Shawl

Curtain Call Wrap

Dc V-Stitch Shawl

Decorative Edge Shawl

Delft Blue Triangle Shawl

Delhi Shawl

Delicata Cover-up

Desert Heat Buttoned Wrap

Diagonal Stitch Shawl

Diaphanous Shawl

Doily Shawl

+Doily Shawl

*Double Fan Stitch Rectangular Prayer Shawl

Double Shell Shawl

Drapey Floral Shawl

Drops Cotton Shawl

Easiest Shawl Ever

Easy Capelet

+Easy Lace Triangle Shawl

Easy Openweave Stole

Easy Shawl

Easy Trellis Lace Stole

Easy Wrap Up Shawl

Elegant Blue V-shape Shawl

Elegant Lace Stole

+Elegant Shawl

+Elegant Simplicity Shawl

Embellished Flower Motif Shawl

Embrace Shawl

+Eternity Shoulder Wrap

Evening Shawl

Evening Shawl

Evening Throw

Everyday Shawl

Everyday Shawl

Fall Shawl

Fan Pattern Shawl

Fan Trellis Wrap

Fan Wrap

Fancy Fans Stole

Fancy Shells Wrap

Fantasy Shawl

Fiesta Shawl

Filet Mesh Shawl

Fitted Shawl

+Five Color Wrap

Flame and Ember Shawl

Flamenco Wrap

Floral Shawl

Floral Shawl

Flower Garden Shawl

Flower Garden Wrap

Flower Motif Wrap

+Flower Power Wrap

Flower Triangles Shawl

Flowers Edge Shawl

Flowers Shawl


Fox Shawl and Belt

Fox Tails Wrap

Foxy Stole

Freeform Shawl

Friendship Shawl

Friendship Shawl

Fringed Shawl

Fringed Wrap

Fritillary Shawl

+Full Moon Wrap

Fur Out Shoulder Wrap

Gems Lacy Shawl

+Geometry Wrap and Beret

+Glitter Motif Neck Shawl

Graceful Shell Shawl

Gradient Color Fringed Shawl

Granny Motif Mania Wrap

Granny Square Shawl

+Groovy Granny Wrap

Guadalupe Wrap

Halcyon Shawl

Half Lace Shawl

+Half Moon Shawl

+Half-Moon Short Shawl

Harlequin Shawl

Harmony Wrap

Have a Heart Shawl

+Have it Your Way Shawl

Healing Prayer Shawl

Heart of Flowers Filet Shawl

+Heartland Comforts Shawl

Heavenly Wrap

Hexagonal Motif Shawl

Holey Moley Shawl

+Incredible Mini-Stole

Incredibly Versatile Giant Snowflake

Indian Summer Wrap

Intricate Flower Shawl

Irish Oranges Stole

+Irish Shawl

Isis Shawl

It's a Wrap

January Prayer Shawl

January Wedding Stole

Juliette Shawl

Just a Little Privacy Wrap

Just Enough Lacey Shawl

Kaleidoscope Shawl

Katherine Queen of Stoles

+Katrina Shawl

Keepsake Lace Shawl

Keiko Wrap

Kerchief or Shawl

Kid Silk Shawl

Kigali Lace Wrap

Knot Stitch Shawl

Kristen Shawl

La Louisian Shawl

La Paloma Wrap

Lace Edge Shawl

Lace Shawl

Lace So Simple Stole

Lace Wrap

*Lace-With-A-Twist Wrap

Laceweight Yarn Shawl

+Lacy Openwork Wrap

Lacy Prayer Shawl

Lacy Shawl

Lacy Shawl

Lacy Stole

Lacy Summer Shawl

Large Granny Square Shawl

Lattice Lace Wrap

Laurel Stole

Light & Lacy Stole

Light Lacey Shawl

+Light-as-a-Feather Stole

Lisa Shawl, The

Little Throw Shawl

Little Wing Shawlette

Logwood Shawlette

Long "V" Stitch Shawl

Long and Open Shawl

Long Shawl

Lorelei Shawl

+Lover's Knot Shawl

Lover's Knot Shawl

Lyric Shawl

Madelaine's Vintage Shawl

+Magic Chevrons Wrap

Magnificent Mantle Shawl

+Marakoopa Elegant Stole

Mariefred Shawl

Marion Shawl

Maritime Colors Shawl

Mellow Rainbow Wrap

Midnight Breeze Shawl

Mitered Corner Shawl

Mitered Square Shawl

Mixed-Media Wrap

Moebius Shawl/Scarf

Morpho Shawlette

+Mother Of The Bride Shawl

Mother's Fashion Stole

Motif Wrap

Mulberry Shawl

+Multi-Color Granny Square Shawl

Multicolored Border Stole

Multipurpose Shawl

Musical Shells Shawl

Nadia Shawl

Naples Wrap

+Natural Comfort Shawl

+New Year's Shawl

Newlywed Shawl

Noro Silk Garden Half Granny Square Shawl

Oasis Wrap

Offset Shell Prayer Shawl

Old Fashioned Shawl

On the Town Shawl

One Skein Basic Filet Shawl

One Skein Summer Wrap

One Skein Tea & Sympathy Shawl

One Skein Wrap

+One-Two-Three Easy Diagonal Shawl/Scarf

+Open Weave Shawl

Openwork Wrap

Out of the Box Shawl

+Over the Top Platinum Shawl

Oversized Shawl

Paper Dolls Shawlette

Paris Shawl

Patricia Shawl

Peachtree Street Stole

Pearl River Lace Wrap

Peluche Shawl

+Perfect Pocketed Shawl

Persephone Shawl

+Piano Wrap

Pineapple Caress Wrap

Pineapple Lace Shawl

Pineapple Shawl

Pineapples for Everyone Shawl

Pink Lace Shawl

Pink Lace Stole

Pink Prayer Shawl

Pink Ribbon Shawl

Pink Square Motif Shawl

+Plush Pocket Wrap

Plymouth Woven Wrap

Pocahontis Shawl

+Pocketed Shawl

+Pocketed Shawlette

+Pompeii Mobius Wrap

Powder Puff Cape

+Prayer Shawl

+Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl

Pretty as a Peacock Stole

Pretty in Pink Shoulder Wrap

+Pretty in Pink Stole

Purple Stole

Rainbow Shawl

Rectangular Prayer Shawl

Red Diamond Shawl

Red Floral Shawl

Refracted Light Shawl

Relaxed Wrap

Reversible Pelerine

*Rio Amazzoni Shawl

+Romance Ruffled Stole

Romantic Lacy Shawl

+Romantic Ruana

Romantic Wrap

Rosalyn Triangular Shawl

Rose Filet Shawl

Rose Filet Triangle Shawl

Rose Parade Wrap

Rose Petal Shawlette

Rosette Shawl

Ruffled Hooded Shawl/Cape

Ruffled Shawl

Ruffled Stole

Sandals Wrap

Sangria Shawl

Santa Fe Sunset Shawl

+Santa Fe Wrap

Sasha's Shawl

Sassy Girl Triangle Shawl

Satin Sparkle Shawl

Savannah Shawl

+Scarlet Ribbons Shawl

Scarlett Ruana

Scrap Yarn Shawl

+Sea Shell Wrap

Semi-Circle Pineapple Shawl

Sequin Hearts Wrap

Sequins Shawl

Seraphina Shawl

Shaken Not Stirred Shawl

Shallow Waters Shawl

Shamrock Shawl

Shamrock Shawlette

Shawl Inspired by Marc Jacobs

+Shawl, Crochet

Shell Stitch Shawl

+Shells Eternity Shawl

Shellstitch Stole

Shetland Shawl

Shimmer & Shine Scarf/Shawl

+Shimmer Mesh Shawl and Bag

Shimmering Shawl

Shoal Shawl

Short Tip Triangle Shawl

Sidewalk Shawl

Silver Bells Shawl

+Silver Shawl

Simple Chain Stitch Lace Shawl

Simple Shawl

Simply Irresistible Shawl

Simply Peach Shawl

Simply Shawl

+Simply Sublime Shawl

Slanted Shell Convertible Shawl

Small Fans Shawl

Snow Queen Shawl

Snowdrop Shawl

Snowflake Hooded Cape

So Simple Box Stitch Shawl

+South Bay Shawlette

Spider Lace and Blocks Shawl Wrap

Spider Stitch Wrap

Spiderweb Hip Wrap

Split Circles Shawl

+Spring Ruana

Spring Shawl

Springtime Shawl

Square in Square Shawl

Squares Shawl

Squidge Shawlette

Staggered Shells Wrap

Star Stitch Shawl

Stars Over the Sea Shawl

Steamed Chocolate Shoulderette

Striped Wrap

Stunning Shawl

+Suede Mini-Stole

Summer Cover Up

Summer Flowers Shawl

Summer Shawl

Summer Wrap

Sunrise Slip Stitch Shawl

*Sunset Shawl

Sunset Shawlette

Sunshine on my Shoulders Wrap

Sunspree One Skein Shawl

*Super Simple Shawl

Survivor's Ribbon Shawl

Sweet February Shawl

+Sweet Scallops Shawl

Take It or Leaf It Shawl

+Tea and Sympathy Shawl

+Tea Wrap

Tesoro Shawl

The Wrap

+Then and Now Shawl

To The Point Shawl

Toulouse Wrap

Tradewinds Stole

Train Tracks Shawl

+Tranquil Wrap

Tranquility Shawl

Tri-Colored Shawl

Triad Shawl

Triangle Blue Shawl

Triangle Snapdragon Shawl

Triangular Shawl

Triangular Shawl

Tropical Shawl

True Friend Shawl

Tunisian Triangle Shawl

Two Color Triangular Shawl

+Urban Wrap

Vail Mountain Wrap

Valentine's Shawl

Valentines Wrap

Valis' Shawl

Veranda Shawl

Versatile Circle Wrap

+Vertical Ripple Shawl

Victorian Baby's Cape

Vienna Shawl

Vintage Crossover Mobius Wrap

Vintage Stole Blouse

Vivaldi Love Knots Shawl

Vivaldi Shawl

Waltzing Fans Shawl

Water Lily Wrap

Waterlily Wrap

Waves Wrap

Weekend Wrap

Wheelchair Wrap

White Sands Mesh Shawl

White Shawl

+Wildflower Ripple Shawl

Wilshire Shawl

Winter Rose Filet Wrap

Worsted Weight Yarn Shawl

+Woven Wrap

Wrap Me Shawl

Wrap with Slits

Wrap-sody in Red Stole

Year 'Round Shawl

Ying-hua Shawl

Yuletide Wrap

Zig Zag Shells Stole

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