Sea Creatures And Sea Mammals

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Amigurumi Octopus

Amigurumi Octopus Plushie

Angel Fish Applique

+Angel Fish, Amigurumi


+Baby Harp Seal

Baby Octopus

Baby Squid Amigurumi

Bashful Starfish

Big Rainbow Fish

+Blue Starfish

Bobtail Squid Amigurumi

+Bullion Coral

Cheeky the Octopus

Chubby Fish

Circus Seal Toy

Clam Amigurumi

Clara the Spotted Jellyfish


Crab Amigurumi

Crab Applique


Cute Little Octopus Amigurumi

Daddy and Baby Dolphin


Dolphin Filet Chart


Eel Amigurumi

Fabulous Fish Dishcloth

Fancy Feast Fish

Fancy Goldfish Amigurumi


Fish & Seaweed Appliques

Fish Applique

Fish Bookmark

Fish Potholder

Fishy Bunting

Frank the Whale Amigurumi

Freddie the Fish

Go Fish

Happy Jellyfish



Kitschy Cute Octopus

Kraken Octopus Squid Applique

Kraken Squid Applique

Large Sea Shell

Lil Fishy

Lil Starfish

Little Fishie Scrubbies

Lobster, Little

Lobster, Little Blue

Manta Ray

Marilyn the Fancy Fish

Medium Sea Shell

Medusa Fishie

Narwhal Amigurumi

Narwhal Amigurumi

Nora's Fish

Octavius the Octopus

Octo-Slinky Toy



Octopus & Starfish

+Octopus Amigurumi

Octopus Amigurumi

Octopus Applique

Octopus Finger Puppet

Orca Amigurumi

Overboard Fish

Plarn Betta

+Playful Dolphin

Pufferfish Amigurumi

Renegade Octopus

Richard the Whale Amigurumi

Sailor Whale Amigurumi

Sea Anemones

Sea Fans

Sea Horse Applique, Large

Sea Horse Applique, Small




Seahorse Amigurumi

Seahorse Applique

Seahorse, Cute

Seal Ornament

Sealife Pin (Sand Dollars, Starfish)

Seashell Applique

Seashells, Tiny


Shark Amigurumi

Sharkie Amigurumi

Sharky Stuffed Toy

Sheldon the Crab

Shrimp Delight Amigurumi

Silly Blue Whale

Simple Fish

Squid Purse

Squid, Amigurumi

Squishy the Squid

Sting Ray

Susie Seahorse, Mini

Teeny Tiny Crabs

Teeny Tiny Lobsters

Tiny Angel Fish Appliques

Tiny Seal

Toy Octopus

Walter the Blue Fish

Whale Afghan Square

Whale Amigurumi

Whale, Tiny


Young Kraken

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