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For hat and scarf sets, see winter wear.
For cowls and/or neckwarmers, see Cowls/Neckwarmers.

Dragonfly Wonder Scarf

Dream Catcher Motif Scarf

Drop-Stitch Scarf

Dropstitch Scarf

Dusk and Dawn Scarf

Eamon Scarf

Earth & Sky Scarf

Earth Tones Scarflet

Easy and Warm Two Stitch Scarf

Easy Baby Scarf

Easy Chain Lace Scarf

Easy Crochet Ruffle Scarf Pattern with Red Heart Sassy Fabric

Easy Curly Scarf

Easy Curly Scarf

Easy Double Ruffle Spring Scarf

Easy Extra Long Scalloped Edge Scarf

Easy Fun Fur/Eyelash Yarn Scarf

Easy Lacy Double Shells Scarf

Easy Lacy Shells Scarf

Easy Loopy Chain Scarf

Easy Man's Scarf

Easy One Skein Scarf

Easy Peace Sign Skinny Scarf

Easy Pointed End Scarf

Easy Scarf

Easy Snood

Easy Striped Scarf

+Easy Tweed Ripple Scarf

Easy V's Scarf

Easy Wrap Comfort Scarf

Easy, Plain and Simple Scarf

Shades of Plummage Scarf

Shadow Illusion Heart Scarf

*Shamrock Lariat Scarf

Shannon Scarfie

Sheep Scarf

Shell and Cluster Scarf

Shells and V's Scarf

Shells and Waves Medium Width Scarf

Shelly Scarf

Sherpa Wannabe Scarf

Shimmer & Shine Scarf/Shawl

Shimmer Granny Scarf

Shimmer Lace Scarf

+Shimmer Mesh Scarf

Shimmer Scarf

Shoal Bay Scarflette

Shore Thing Scarf

Short and Simple Heart Scarf


Side to Side Scarf

Silky Soft Scarf

Silver Dollar Skinny Scarf

Simple Chunky Infinity Scarf

Simple Chunky Scarf

Simple Fun and Fancy Fur Scarf

Simple Infinity Scarf

Simple Scarf

Simple Scarf

Simple Scarf for Homeless

Simple Scarf for Teens and Adults

Simple Shells & Lace Scarf

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