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For hat and scarf sets, see winter wear.
For cowls and/or neckwarmers, see Cowls/Neckwarmers.

Easy, Plain and Simple Scarf

+Edie Scarf

Eglantine Keyhole Scarf

Elegant Ribbon Lace Beaded Scarf

Elegant Scarf

+Elemental Scarf

Eskimo Scarf

Eternal Love Hugs & Kisses Infinity Scarf

Europa Scarf

Evalisse Keyhole Scarf

+Evening Lace Scarf

Extended Ripple

Eyelash Trimmed Scarf

Fabulously Simple Harry Potter Scarf

+Fall Foliage Scarf

Fall Lace Scarf

Falling Snowflakes Scarf

Fan Pattern Scarf

Fancy Fur Buttonhole Ascot

Fancy Fur Twisty Scarf

Fancy Ladder Boa

+Fancy Scarf

Fancy Scarf

Fantail Scarf

Fast and Easy Scarf

Fast Scarf with Pockets

Father and Son Camo Scarf

Favorite Scarf

Fibonacci Scarf

Fiesta Hyperbolic Scarf

Fiesta Scarf

Simple Shells & Lace Scarf

Simple Stitch Scarves

Simple Stitches Scarf

Simple Textured Scarf

Simplest Scarf

Single Ruffle Scarf

Single Skein Scarf

Single Skein Scarf

Single Sock Skein Scarf

Skeleton Scarf

+Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Scarf

Skinny Skinny Scarf

Sky High Scarf

Skylark in Wonderland Scarf

Slanted Vs and Ridges Scarf

Sleevy Scarf

Slip Stitch Pinstripe Scarf

Slip Stitch Scarf

Smalls Tots Scarves

Smokey Ridges Scarf

*Smores Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snake Scarf

Snow Bear Scoodie Hat Scarf

Snow Flowers Scarf

Snowflake Scarf

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