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3 Color Poncho, 1970

+4 Versions Poncho

A Flirty Flutter

+Adult Fishnet Poncho

Adult Poncho

Adult Poncho Sweater

Alpaca Boucle Poncho

Arizona Poncho

Asymmetric Poof Poncho

Asymmetrical Cross Stitch Poncho

Bahama Warmth Capelet

Beauty in Bloom Poncho

Blooming Toddler Poncho

Blue Beaded Poncho

Bows and Arrows Poncho

Boxed Shell Cape

Button Bobble Cape

Buttoned Cape

*Camouflage Children's Poncho

*Candy Corn Poncho


Carnival Ribbon Poncho

Celebrity Poncho

+Chanson en Crochet Capelet

Child Poncho

Child Size Cape

*Child's Crochet Poncho

+Child's Fishnet Poncho

Child's Poncho

+Child's Poncho

Child's Poncho

+Child's Poncho

Children�s Shell Poncho

Childs Sunnytime Poncho

Clustered Shells Shoulder Wrap

Cobblestone Amazing Poncho

Courtney Capelet

+Cowl Neck Poncho

Crimson in Cables Poncho

Criss Cross Shoulder Cozy

Crochet Chevron Poncho

Cuddle Me - Elegant Shoulder Warmer

+Curvy Girl Intertwined Poncho

+Cutie Pie Poncho

Daisy Chain Poncho

+Day to Night Poncho

Denimstyle Ladies Poncho

Desert Landscape Capelet

Diamond Trellis Poncho

Diamonds and Lace Poncho

Doover Poncho

+Downtown Tot Poncho

Eastwoodly Poncho

Elegant Chenille Poncho

+Embroidery Print Poncho

+Endearing Girl's Poncho

+Evening Allure Cape

+Evening Capelet

Fairy Tale Poncho

Fall Colors Ponchette - Poncho

Famous Poncho

Feeling Pretty Capelet

Filet Lace Poncho

Fling Ponchini

+Floral Poncho

Flower Power Granny Poncho

Fox Tails Poncho

Gentle Ripples Poncho

Girl's Paris Poncho

Girl's Ruffle Capelet

+Graceful Shells Poncho

+Grandma's Color Block Poncho

Granny Poncho

Granny Poncho

+Granny Square Kids Poncho

Granny Square Poncho

Granny Square Poncho

Granny Stitch Poncho

Great with Jeans Poncho

+Homespun Cape and Cloche

+Hooded Baby Poncho

Hooded Baby Poncho with Footed Pants

Hudson Poncho

Ice Crystals Poncho

Imma Fan Poncho

Keeley's Poncho

Knock Knock Knock Penny Poncho

Knot Stitch Capelet

Lacy Capelet

+Lacy Fans Poncho

Lacy Poncho

Lacy Ripple Cape

Lacy Triangular Poncho

+Light & Airy Poncho

+Lil Collar Poncho

Little Girl's Poncho

Lizzy the 4th Poncho

+Love Knot Poncho

+Maggie's Mini Martha Coming Home Poncho

+Magic Tweed Poncho

+Martha's Best Friend Poncho

+Mexican Blanket Poncho

Mini Capelet

+Mitered Man's Poncho

Mom & Me Ponchos

+Mom's Striped Trim Poncho

+Monster-in-Law Poncho

Multi-Wear Poncho

Natural Colors Kid's Poncho

Nostalgic Poncho

Open Capelet

Overhead Thread Poncho

+Oversized Poncho

Party Ponchette

+Pea Green Capelet

Peaks and Valleys Poncho

+Peek-a-Boo Poncho

Perfect Patterned Poncho

Petal Stitch Asymetrical Poncho

Petticoat Poncho

Picot Baby Poncho

+Pierrot Hooded Cape

Pink and White Striped Poncho

+Pizzazz Poncho Sweater

+Playtime Poncho

Poncho Suit, 1974

Poncho Sweater

+Poncho, Crochet

Poncho, Crocheted

Posh Poncho

Practical Poncho, 1973

Pretty Poncho

Princess Cape

Quick and Easy Chained Poncho

Quick and Quirky Q Hook Poncho

Really Big Cape

Recycled Silk Poncho

Red on Red Capelet

Reflections Poncho

Renaissance Capelet

Ripple Capelet

Ripple Capelet Version 2

+Rippled Macaroon Poncho

Romantic Flower Capelet

+Rose Triton Poncho

+Round Yoke Poncho

Ruffled Rows Poncho

Sandi Marshall Cape

Scalloped Fashion Doll Poncho

+Scarf Ponchette

Scrap Happy Poncho

+Sea Breeze Poncho

Shells & Roses Poncho

Short Round Poncho

Shoulder Cape

+Shoulder Snuggle

Show Off Poncho, 1970

Simple to Make Child's Poncho

Smart Shaping Poncho

*So Simple Lilac Poncho

*So Simple Trellis Poncho

Split Poncho

+Spring-Summer Ponchette

Springtime Poncho

Star-Crossed Capelet

+Starlet Cape

Stripe Poncho

Striped Poncho

Stripes Capelet

+Style-Savvy Poncho

+Suede Poncho

+Suede Trim Poncho

Summertime Dog Poncho

Sunflower Shades Capelet

+Swirl Poncho

+Tassel Cape

Thread Granny Square Poncho

*Tiger Eye Half Shoulder Poncho

Topper Poncho

+Town and Country Capelet

+Town and Country Poncho

Trapezoid Poncho

Tri-Color Capelet

*Twinkle Glitzy Ponchette

Two Strand Poncho

+Two-Way Poncho

Unisex Toddler Poncho

Unisex Toddler Poncho

Vampire Cape

Verity Poncho

Versatile Poncho

+Vertical Ripple Poncho

Vienna Poncho

+Voodoo Poncho

*Whirligig Poncho & Hat Set

Winter Princess Poncho

+Wrapture Capelet

XXL Ladies Poncho

+Young Miss Poncho

Young Vampire Cape

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