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Aloha Pineapple Top

Aphrodite Shawl

Blue Pineapples Doily

Boulder Beach Fit 'n Flare Topper

+Caprice Doily

+Christmas Pineapple Doily

+Coffee-Table Topper

Crochet for Yourself Pineapple Scarf

Decorative Pineapple Fan

Easy Yellow Pineapple Doily

+Elegant Pineapple Afghan

Elegant Pineapple Bookmark

*Flat Pineapple Angel

+Flowering Pineapple Afghan

+Flowering Pineapple Doily

Glorious Gray Pineapple Doily

Golden Pineapples Mile-a-Minute Afghan

*Graduated Pineapples Table Topper

Granny's Antique Pineapple Doily

+Heavenly Pineapple Angel

+Holiday Table Topper

Kim's Fans and Pineapples Dishcloth

Lacy Pineapple Scarf

+Lacy Pineapples Shell

Light & Lacy Pineapple Top

*Lovely Lilac Pineapples Doily

Mediterranean-Style Pineapple & Shell Lace Mitt

+Mini Pineapples Dishcloth

*Nine Point Pineapple Doily

+Peacock Doily

+Peacocks and Pineapples Doily

*Petite Pineapple Doily

+Petite Pineapples Rectangular Doily

Pillow Case - Pineapple Walk Motif

Pineapple & Ribbon Bookmark

+Pineapple & Shell Dishcloth

Pineapple A l'Orange Doily

+Pineapple Afghan II

+Pineapple and Pearls Purse

+Pineapple Applique

+Pineapple Apron

Pineapple Baby Bib

+Pineapple Bathroom Ensemble

Pineapple Blossom Square (12")

Pineapple Blossoms Doily

*Pineapple Bookmark

Pineapple Butterfly

+Pineapple Centerpiece

+Pineapple Cluster Dishcloth

+Pineapple Cluster Doily

Pineapple Coaster

+Pineapple Curtain Accessories

Pineapple Delight Doily

Pineapple Dishcloth

Pineapple Doily

Pineapple Doily

Pineapple Doily

Pineapple Doily and Coaster Set

+Pineapple Fans Doily

Pineapple Fantasy Bathing Suit

Pineapple Fantasy Doily

*Pineapple Granny Pillow-ghan Square (12")

*Pineapple Granny Pillowghan

Pineapple Lace Shawl

+Pineapple Lace Top

+Pineapple Lid & Tank Covers

Pineapple Monokini

Pineapple Motif Earrings

Pineapple Nano Pouch

Pineapple Ornament Cover

Pineapple Pendant Necklace

Pineapple Pinwheel Doily

*Pineapple Placemat

+Pineapple Plant Hanger

*Pineapple Plumes Doily

Pineapple Pouch

Pineapple Pumpkin Lace Deco

+Pineapple Rainbow Runner

+Pineapple Ruffles Pot/Box Covers

Pineapple Scarf

Pineapple Scarf

Pineapple Shawl

+Pineapple Simplicity Edging

+Pineapple Snowflake Suncatcher

Pineapple Spoon Rest

Pineapple Square (4")

Pineapple Star Doily

+Pineapple Suite Hat

Pineapple Sun Square (6")

Pineapple Suncatcher

Pineapple Suncatcher

Pineapple Swan Fridgie

Pineapple Sweater

Pineapple Symphony Doily

Pineapple Tablecloth (round)

+Pineapple Trimmed Bag

Pineapple Tube Socks

Pineapple Wedding Veil

Pineapple Wheel Doily

+Pineapples Fringe-as-You-Go Afghan

Pineapples From My Heart Doily

Pines and Apples Coaster

+Pinks & Pineapples Doily

Pleasantly Pineapples Doily

Pretty Pineapple Pillows

Pretty Pineapples Bookmark

Pretty Pineapples Doilies

Re-do Pineapple Doily

+Red Roses Pineapple Cross

+Romantic Pineapples Doily

Rose and Pineapple Doily

Round Pineapple Tablecloth

+Royal Threadwork Bathroom Cover Set

Semi-Circle Pineapple Shawl

Shell Edge Pineapple Doily

+Shimmering Pineapple Doily

Sleeveless Pineapple Top

+Small Pineapple Doily

Soft Pineapple Soap Holder

+Spinning Wheel Doily

*Square Pineapple Doily

Square Pineapple Doily

+Square Pineapple Doily

+Starburst Pineapple Doily

Traditions Pineapple Doily

Trio of Pineapple Doilies

+Vintage Lace Afghan I

Vintage Pineapple Doily

Vintage Pineapple Square No. S738

Vintage Pineapple Square No.S739

Vintage Popcorn Pineapple Square

Wrought Iron Pineapple Wallhangings

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