Crochet For Pets

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*Puppy Sweater - Adjustable for all sizes

+Aran Doggie Duds Sweater

Autumn Stripes Min Pin Sweater

Beaded Dog Collar

Bird Toy

Birthday Dog Hat

Black & Silver Dog Collar

Black Lab Dog Sweater

Blooming Dog Collar Costume

Bouncing Rainbow Jellyfish Cat Toy

Bow tie Collar Slide & Matching Cuffs

BowTie Dog Collar

Breast Cancer Awareness Dog Legwarmers

Buck Rat Dog Toy

Bunny Puppy Toy

Button Dog Scarf

Cabled Dog Sweater

Candy Cane Collar

Candy Corn Cat Sweater

Candy Corn XS Dog Costume

+Canine Comfort Dog Sweater

Cat Beanie

Cat Bed

Cat Bed

Cat Harness Leash

Cat in the Hat Dog Hat & Bowtie

Cat Mock Turtleneck Sweater

Cat Nip Mouse

Cat Toy

Cheerleader Dog Outfit

Chihuahua Angel Wing Pinafore Dress

Chihuahua Hat

Chunky Dog Blanket & Collars

Clip-On Poo Bag Keeper

Conversation Hearts Dog Collar

Cord Dog Collar and Leash

Cozy Pet Bed

Crocodile Stitch Dog Collar

*Cuddle Bed

*Cuddle Mat

Cushy Pet Pad

Customizable Dog Sweater

De Luxe Cat Pet Bed

Devil Dog Outfit

Diva Dog Outfit

Doe Rat Dog Toy

Doeling Goat Bonnet

Dog Bandana

Dog Bandana Collar

Dog Bandana Collar Cover

Dog Bed

Dog Bone Applique and Toy

Dog Booties

Dog Car Blanket

Dog Coat

Dog Coat

Dog Elephant Nose

Dog Eye Wash Pad

Dog Hair Grabber

Dog Hoodie

Dog Leash

Dog Leash & Collar

Dog Leg Warmers

Dog Leggings

Dog Monster Costume

Dog Scarf

Dog Sweater

Dog Sweater

Dog Visor

Dog Wallet

Dog Woobie Toy

Dog's Bumble Bee Costume

Dog's Granny Square Sweater

Dog's Witch Costume

Dog-gone Dog Bone

Dogbone Shaped Poo Bag

Doggie Bow Tie

+Doggie Diva Poncho & Hat

Doggie Shrug

Doggie Snuggle-Up

Doggie Sweater

Doggie Sweater

Doggie Tutu Belly Band

Doggy Bag

Doggy Kong Play Balls

Doggy Poo Bag Holder

+Door Hanger Bouncy Cat Toy

Easy Dog Harness

Easy Yorkie Dog Sweater

Favorite Mouse Kitty Toy

Fayette's Poop Purse and Matching Leash

+Fido's Turtleneck

Fish Cat Toys

+Flower Garden Dog Sweater

Flowers and Lace Dog Collar

+Fortune Cookie Cat Toy, Amigurumi

Fringe Cat Toy

Fringe Dog Collar

+Fringed Dog Jacket & Booties

Frisbee Dog Toy

Furry Mouse Toy

Fuzzy Dog Toy

Giddyup Kitty Hat

Goatbaby Sweater

+Goldfish Cat Toy

Granny Square Dog Sweater

+Granny Square Dog Sweater

Greyhound Fishtail Collar

Halter and Trim for Material Dog Shirt

Hamster Hut

+Handy Pockets Sweater

Happy Cat Candy

Happy Dots Dog Coat

Hen Sweater

Holiday Cat Collar

Horse Hat

Hot Dog Coat

Houndstooth Pet Scarf

Hugs and Kisses Dog Collar

Hunter Dog Outfit

Ice Cream Cone Cat Toy

Jennifer's 20 Minute Pet Rug

Jennifer's Patriotic Dog Jacket

Jingle Bell Cat & Dog Collar

Jingle Bells Pet Collar

Khloe Dog Afghan

Kitty Cat Ball

Kitty Cozy

Kitty Cuddles Felted Cat Bed

Kitty Squid

Kitty Toys

Kitty Weed Cat Toy

Kugel Endless Cat Ears Scarf

Lace Ruffle Dog Collar

Lattice Dog Collar

Leprechaun Dog Hat

Loopy Ball Catnip Toy

+Martha's Best Friend Poncho

Metal Chain Dog Collar

Mini Cables Pet Blankie

Miss Mouse Cat Toy

Monsoon Cat Blanket

+Mouse Cat Toy, Amigurumi


Mr. Smiley Face Cat Toy

Muffin's Cat Ball

Multi-color Dog Sweater

Noby Noby Boy Cat Toy

One Skein Pet Bed

+Pampered Paws Pet Mat

+Pampered Pooch Felted Bed

Patriotic Slip on Dog Collar

Peanut's Little Yarn Things

Peanut's White Mouse

Peppermint Christmas Dog Collar

Pet Beach Mat

Pet Rug or Snuggly

Pet Snuggles

Pet Turtle Toy

Pilot's Airplane Squeaky Toy

Pocos Toy

Pomp A Doodle Dog Collar

Pooper Scooper Bag Caddy

Pop Tab Dog Collar

+Pretty in Pink Doggie Duds Sweater

+Princess Dog Coat

Pup Poop Pouch

Puppy Mat

Puppy Pirate Hat

Puppy Play Puffy

Purpleicious Dog Coat

*Raspberry Fool Dog Sweater

Rat Hammock

Retro Dog Collar

Ribbed Dog Sweater

Ribbed Edge Dog Sweater

Rollie Cat Toy

Ruffles and Beads Summer Dog Collar

Sailor Dog Coat

+Santa Dog Costume

Santa Pet Sweater

+Sardines Cat Toy, Amigurumi

Sawyer's Dog Shrug

Sawyer's Sweater

Shamrock Dog Collar

Shell Stitch Big Flower Dog Collar

Skull Dog Collar

Skull Motif Dog Coat

Slip On Patriotic Dog Collar

Small Dog Sweater

Smiles Dog Collar

Snowflakes and Gems Dog Collar

+Snowflakes Doggie Duds Sweater

+Southwestern Doggie Duds Sweater

Spider Cat Toy

+Striped Dog Sweater

Striped Pet Blanket

Suede Lace Dog Collar

Suede Trim Dog Sweater (scroll down)

Sunshine's Cat Toy

+Super-Plush Pet Afghan

Teacup Chi/Puppy Size Sweater

Temple's Sheep Dog Toy

Turtle Sweater

Uncle Sam's Top Hat

+Urban Granny Dog Sweater

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