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This category is devoted to items that did not seem to fit into any other particular category.

*Long Charm Bracelet

*Striped Fringe Cozy

3 Step Bow

A Decorative Mat

A Handy Sewing Kit

Adult Bib

Animal Pencil Toppers

+Apple Chalkboard

Apple for the Teacher

Argentum Watchband

Argh Me Matey Pirate Eye Patch

Armchair Pocket

Awareness Ribbon

Baby Foot Model

Back To School Apples

Ballon Bunting

Barba Beanie

Bath Pouf

Bike Streamers

Book, Crocheted



Broom Handle Duster

Bumble Bee Photo Prop

Cactus Doorstop/Paperweight

Cake Sachets by Norma Lynn

CD Gift Envelope

Chain Link

Chess Pieces

Chunky Hoodie

Clown Face Wall Hanging

Clown LCD Ruffle

Cobweb Buster

Colorado Strong - Heart Granny Square

Comfort Pack

Covered Can

Credit Crunching Draft Excluder

Crochet Duster

Crochet Fall Leaf!

Crochet Kiss � Inspired by Hershey

Crochet Neck Tie Pattern

Crochet Owl Sleep Mask

Crochet Tutu Waistband

Crochet Tutu Waistband

Crochet Yoda Hat

Crocheter's Thimble

Curtain Hugging Bear

Cute Bomb

Detachable Beard


Door Jam

Door Shusher/Cozy

Dream Catcher

Easy Fake Mustache

Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover Pads & Bag

Elephant Bookends

Elf Hat Pencil Topper


Eye Mask

Eye Mask



Faerie Wings

False Teeth

Faux Boob (Breast Prothesis)

Feathers, Tiny

Flower Frame Souvenir

Flower Pencil Topper

Flowers and Pearls Shoe Topper

Fluffy Duster

Football Cork Board

Frog Closure

Girls Night Out Champage and Wine Carrier

Gnome Alone

Going to Grandma's Pocket on Hanger

Gold Metal

Golden Snitch

Graduation Gift

Granny Hand Square

Granny Hexagon Pattern � My Latest Love

+Grape Chalkboard

Guitar Pick Holder Keychain

+Guitar Strap, Felted

Hair Rollers


Hand, Signing

*Hanging Bird Feeder or Bird Bath

*Hanging Plant Sling

Happy Autumn Leaves

Harry Potter Time-Turner

Hat Souvenir

HorseShoe Mustache & Sideburns

Hosiery Hanger

+Hyperbolic Sea Coral Fantasy

I Heart Yarn Badge

Ice Pack Pillowcase

Infant Cocoon Flower Photo Prop

JPF Pencil Cup

Kawaii "Lavender" Cone Car Freshener

Key Tab Boot Cuffs

Keyboard Duster

Kid's Striped Boots


Lacy Boot Cuffs

Lady Bug Photo Prop

Lanterne Rouge


Letters F G H I and J

Light Saber Zipper Pull

Lily Pad

Lily Pad


Little Tassel Lady

Long Skinny Tall Isosceles Triangle

Magic Hammer

Magnetic Katamari

Mandolin Strap

Mariposas Boot Cuffs

*Masquerade Mask

Masquerade Mask

Mermaid Tail Fin

Mini Booties Souvenir

Mini Umbrella

Miniature Hat and Mittens

Mitten/Pants Clip

Monograms - Alphabet Letters

More Steampunk Gears



Mustache Mask

Nightstand Trashcan


Nut Cup and Saucer

Open Windows Plant Hanger

Oriental Bloom Hex

Pansy Card

Party Hat Decoration

Party Poppers

Paw Patrol Badge

Pencil Cup

Pencil Gripper

Perfect Party Pennant Garland

Picture Frame

Pine Cones


Plant Hanger

Plarn Welcome Mat

Plastic Bag Keeper


Pop Tab Bow Ring

Popsicle Snuggy

Potassium Ion Channel

Practice Stitches Garland

Princess Crown Tiara

+Purple and Green Monster Wig

+Purple Braids Wig

Rainbow Lanyard

Reversible Swiffer Sock

Rocket Ship

Sari Silk Nesting Bowls

Seat Belt Cozy

Shells Leaf Applique

Shells Plant Hanger

Shiny Nose

Shoe Strings

Simple Birthday Crown

Sleep Mask

Slender Mustache

Sling -- Hip Carrier

Slippah Luggage Tag

+Solid Shell Jewelry Frame

Spock Ears

Spooky Glow in the Dark Charms

Square Motif


Stadium Cushion

Star Trek Badge

Steampunk Gear

Stool Covers

Sun Wheel Mandala

Sunny Star Haskill Alien

Sweeper Cardi

Swiffer Cloth

Swiffer Mop Pad

Swirls of Stars Tarot Spread Cloth

Tag It! Luggage Tag

Tassels, Crocheted

Tawashi Style Duster

Tie Back Glasses Newborn Prop

TIMELESS Crochet Button

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Top Hat and Bows

Tunisian Miter Squared


Vintage Boutonniere

Vintage Boutonniere 2

Vintage-Inspired Armwarmers

Visor Organizer and Car Window Flag

+Wild, Wild Red Wig


Winter Grass

Woven Crochet Collar

+Wristwatch Band

Yoga Mat Sling

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