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Adjustable Jar Cover/Candle Holder

All Business Card Holder

Amigurumi Bunny Pencil Holder

Apple Pencil Holder

Awesome Hook Holder

Back2School Pen Holder

Badge Holder

Bag Dispenser

Bag Holder

Bag Holder

Bag Storage Lady

+Baggy Cat Bag Holder

Basic Water Bottle Holder

Beaded Cell Phone Holder

Beaded Water Bottle Holder

Beautiful Boutique Bow Holder

Beverage Can Holder

Bike Water Bottle Holder

Binky Holder

Boa Cell Phone Holder

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder

*Card Keeper

Casserole Dish Holder

Cat Notebook and Pencil Holder

*CD Wall Pockets

*CD Wall Pockets

+Chair Pouch

Coffee Cup Plant Holder

Colorful Carryall

Cow Plastic Bag Holder

Crochet Bubble Wand Holder and Key Chain

Crochet Gift Card Holder

Crochet Gift Card Holder Pattern 2

Crochet Pencil Holder

Dad's Quick Quack Pencil Holder

Door Catch-All Holder

Door Knob Organizer, Felted

Door Knob Pocket

Door Knob Pocket

*Embroidery Floss Holder

Facial Scrubbies with Basket Holder

Floral Hook Holder

Flower and Candlesticks Holders

Flower Holder

Fmelted Plarn Toothbrush Holder

Frankenstein Flashlight Holder

Front Post Stripes Grocery Bag Holder

Fudgy Pastry Blackberry Phone Holder

Fun Fur Cell Phone Holder

Fun Fur Water Bottle Holder

Garden Candle Holder

Germ Tissue Holder

Ghost Candy Holder

Gift Card Holders

Glasses Case Holder

Grandpa's Super Storage Holder

H2O to Go - O-Ring Bottle Carrier

Hand Sanitizer Holder

Hand Sanitizer Keychain Holder

Hanging Toy Organizer

Heart Pocket Note Holder

Hook Cup

Hook Holder

I Love America Cup Holder

Index Card Holder

Jewelry Pin Holder

Key Chain Lip Balm Holder

+Kitty Note Holder

*Lacy Dress Grocery Sack Holder

Leaf Tealight Holder

Lil Lamb Steel Wool Holder

Lily/Mushroom Trinket Holder

Lip Balm Holder

Lip Balm Holder

Lip Balm Holder

Lucky Penny Holder

Magnetic Pen Holder

+Man Belt Holder

Muppet Glasses Holder

Mushroom Chapstick Necklace Holder

Newspaper Bags Water Bottle Holder

No More Dents Canister Carrier

Novel Soap Holder

Ornament Vase Holder

Pad and Pencil Holder

Pair of Candlesticks Holders

+Pen and Pad Holder

Pencil Holder

Penzy ~ The Highlighter Cozy

Pie Plate Holder

Pig Kitchen Bags Holder

Plant/Flower Holder

Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic Bag Holder

+Plastic Bag Keeper

Pom Pom Cap Gift Card Holder

Pop Tab Bottle Holder

Pretty & Feminine Purse Tissue Holder

+Pretty Pink Pen Holder

Pretty Purse Gift Card Holder

Pretty Tissue Holder

*Recipe Card Holder

Recycled Plastic Water Bottle Holder

Ruffle Cell Phone Holder

Scissor Pouch

Shark Pencil Holder

Shell Candle Holder

Shell Stitch Business Card Holder

Shell Water Bottle Holder

Simple Tissue Holder

Snowman Gift Card Holder

Soap Holder

Soap Holders

Soft Pineapple Soap Holder

Spike Tissue Holder

Square shape coaster and pen holder

Star Ornament Magnet Recipe Holder

Striped Cap Gift Card Holder

Summery Bag Holder

+Sunshine Stripes Cellphone Holder

Super Easy Cardholder

Tarot Pack Holder

Techno Holster

Terrarium - Water Bottle Holder

Thread and Sequin Cell Phone Holder

Towel Holder

Two Color Bag Holder

Utensil Holder & Casserole Holder

V Stitch Water Bottle Holder

V-Stitch Water Sling

Vase Holders

Victorian Thread Holder

Wallet Coaster Holder

Waste Not, Want Not Shampoo Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Carrier

Water Bottle Holder

Water Bottle Holder

+Wine Carrier

Wire Crochet Tealight Holder

Yarn Holder

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