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Hex Hat

Hipster Hat

Hollywood Turban

Homespun Hat

Homespun Yarn Slouchy Beanie Hat

Honeycomb Hat

Honeycomb Lattice Brimmed Hat

Hoodeanie Beanie

Hooded Bear Cowl

Horse Hat

Hot Button Beret

Hot Fudge Brownie Beanie

Hounds Tooth Hat

Houndstooth Hat

How's About A Hat Pattern

Husband Hat, The

I Love Yarn Hat

Ice Blue Hat

In a Spiral Hat

Instant Gratification Hat

Invertible Knobbly Sun Flower Hat

Iron Man Hat

It's Just a Beanie Hat

It's Not Easy Being a Green Hat

J.T.'s Favorite Stitch Chemo Cap

Jacob's Ladder Cap

Jacob's Ladder Popcorn Hat

James's Hat

Jayne Cobb Beanie

Jayne Cobb Hat

Jenna Cloche

Vintage Everywoman's Cloche

Vintage Hats

Vintage Pigtail Beanie

Vintage Robin Hood Hat

Vintage Style Cloche

Vintage white hat with ruffled brim

Visor Beanie

Visor Cap

Visor Hat

Visor Helmet

Visor Ribbed Brim Beanie

Visor, Crochet

Waffle Cone Slouchy Hat

Warm Fuzzy Hat

+Watch Cap

*Watchman Cap

Watermelon Hat Band

Waves-A-Head Hat

Wavy Gravy Rasta Tam

Way Too Colorful Hat

Web of Winter Hat

Western Brim Hat

Which Stitch Hat

Whimsical Hat

Wide Brimmed 1950's Style Hat

Wide-Brimmed Sun Hat

Windy City Cloche

Windy Hat

Wings Like Eagles Ladies Chemo Cap

+Winter Hat

Winter Scarf Set


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