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*Spice & Clove Knit and Crochet Pumpkins

9" Witch Doll

+Amigurumi Spider Ornament

Autumn Leaves Fridgie

Basket of Pumpkins

Bat-Pumpkin Decoration

Batman Inspired Costume

Bewitching Hat

Big and Little Candy Corn Plushies

Big Fuzzy Spider

Black Cat Fridgie

Blackbirds Baked in a Pie Halloween Centerpiece

Blood Scarf

Blue Monster Kid's Costume

Boo Bookmark

Boo Bunting

Boo Ghosts

Boo Halloween Witch Basket

BOO! Coasters

+Boo!tiful Candy Bowl

Boo-Treelicious Ghost Ornaments

Boo-treelicious Ornaments

BOOtiful Ghost

Buttonhole Spider

Candy Cauldron

Candy Corn Banner

Candy Corn Decoration

Candy Corn Door Hanging

Candy Corn Fridgie

Candy Corn Potholder

Cauldron Halloween Crochet Pattern

Child's Pirate Costume

Chunky Punky Pumpkin

Cozy Halloween Blanket

Crochet Haunted House

Crochet Pumpkin Pattern

Crocheted Bat

Crocheted Candy Corn

Curlique Ghost Applique

Cute Diminutive Pumpkin

Cute Little Ghost

Day of the Dead Banner

Day of the Dead Fellow

Day of the Dead Skeleton Amigurumi

Decorative Skull Wristlet

Disguise Mask

Dreama Frye's Halloween Cat Square

Easy Halloween Trio

Evil Minions

Faerie Wings

Fairy Halloween Costume

Faux Spider Web

Fearsome Yet Adorable Spiders

Flat Pumpkin Halloween Pin

Flying Witch Fridgie


Frankenstein Door Hanging

Frankenstein Flashlight Holder

Friendly Ghost

Fun Halloween Chart

+Furry Pal

+Genie the Ghost Amigurumi

Ghoooooostly Napkin Ring

Ghost Applique, Pin or Magnet

Ghost Candy Holder

Ghost Charted Design

Ghost Dog

+Ghost Finger Puppet

Ghost Finger Puppet

Ghost Fridgie

Ghost Halloween Bookmark

Ghost Halloween Candy Bag

Ghost Sucker Cover

Ghost Wide Headband Hat

+Ghost Windsock

Ghostly Lollipop Cover

+Ghostly Necklace

Glow In the Dark Jack-O-Lantern

Glowing Skull

Gothic Halloween Coffin Coaster

*Halloween "Boo" Fridgie

+Halloween Accessories Set

Halloween Afghan

Halloween Bag

Halloween Bat

Halloween Bat

+Halloween Bat Ornament

Halloween Bath Set

Halloween Boo Doily

Halloween Bookmark

Halloween Bracelet

Halloween Candy Basket

Halloween Candy Corn Bunting

Halloween Cat Toy

Halloween Coffee Buddies

+Halloween Cover and Doily

+Halloween Devil

Halloween Doily

+Halloween Dracula

+Halloween Finger Puppets

Halloween Garland

Halloween Ghost

Halloween Ghost Crochet Pattern

Halloween Glow-in-the-dark Jelly Ghost

Halloween Goody Bag

Halloween Hat & Gloves

+Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Ornament

+Halloween Kitten

Halloween Kitty

Halloween Napkin Ring

+Halloween Owl Ornament

Halloween Party Banner

+Halloween Pennants

Halloween Pirate Accessories

Halloween Pumpkin Crochet Coaster

Halloween Pumpkin Trick or Treat Bag

+Halloween RIP & Fence

+Halloween Scarecrow

+Halloween Scream Felted Wreath

+Halloween Skull Ornament

Halloween Slouch Hat

Halloween Soap Saver

Halloween Spider

+Halloween Spider Magnet

Halloween Spider Web

Halloween Spiral Spider Web Doily

Halloween Table Center

Halloween Throw

+Halloween Tombstone Ornament

Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween Treat Bag

+Halloween Treat Bags

Halloween Treat Basket

Halloween Treat Basket

Halloween Wench Accessories

+Halloween Witch Hat Ornament

Happy Bat Bag

Happy Eyeball

Happy Halloween Bunting

Happy Pumpkin Treat Bag

Haunted House

Hello Kitty Witch

I Want My Mummy Treat Bag

I Want My Mummy, Boo For You & Frank Jr. (Halloween Dolls)

Incognito Me

Inside-Out Pumpkin Into a Bat/Ghost

+Itsy Bitsy Ghost

Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern Face

Jack O' Lantern Filet Coaster

Jack O' Lantern Items

Jack Skellington

Jack-O-Lantern Bookmark


Jill O Lantern

+Jolly Jack O'Lantern Felted Bowl

Jolly Roger Pirate Pumpkin

Jovial Jack Filet Bookmark

Just Got Stitched-up Choker

Kidding Around Gnome Costume

+Leaf Mask

Little Black Spider

Little Devil Headband

+Little Gourdy Pumpkin

Little Pumpkin

Little Scary Snowman

Little Witch Amigurumi

Little Witchy Amigurumi

Liz-a-Witch Halloween Doll

Mad Eye Patch

Mini Frankenstein Bag

Mini Ghost Decoration

Mini Mad Hatter's Hat

Mini Pumpkins

Monster Finger Chapstick Cozy

Monster Trick or Treat Bag

Mr. Pumpkin Wig

+Mummy Ornament

Ninja Turtle Mask

+Ogre Headband and Wrist Warmers

Oogie Boogie Man Amigurumi

Orangeback Spider

+Petal Mask

Pikachu Hat and Tail

+Pirate Pal

Poor Yorrick Skull

Puffy Stuffed Pumpkin

Pumpkin Applique

Pumpkin Bag

Pumpkin Bag

+Pumpkin Bear

Pumpkin Bookmark

Pumpkin Candy Purse

Pumpkin Coaster

Pumpkin Cuties

Pumpkin Goggles

Pumpkin Hair Bow

+Pumpkin Pal

Pumpkin Patch Square (8")

Pumpkin Pencil Topper

Pumpkin Pickin Hat

Pumpkin Sucker Cover

Queens Ruff Collar

Realistic/Cute/Spooky Pumpkin

Recycled Trick or Treat Bag

Ruffled Halloween Wreath

Safari Sniffers

+Scarecrow Finger Puppet

Scarecrow Fridgie

Scary Ghost Dog

Scary Muffins

Scary Skull Bag

Severed Finger

Shaped Pumpkin Treat Bag

Shrunken Head and Flaming Skulls Wrist Bags

Simple Ghost

+Skull Candy Bag

Skull Pin

Skull Shape Halloween Decoration

Skull Trick or Treat Bag

+Skull, Felted

Skully the Skull

Small Bat

Small Halloween Treat Bag

Small Halloween Treat Bags

Smaller and Larger Pumpkin

Sonar the Bat

Spider & His Web

Spider in a Box

Spider in a Jar

Spider on a Web

Spiderweb Table Topper

Spiderweb Tealight Candle Holder

Spooky Cat Pumpkin

Spooky String of Sheep(ish) Spiders

Stuffed Pumpkin

The Angry Owl Hat

The Whimsical Witch-Hat

Tiny Halloween Bag

Trick or Treat Bag

Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath

Twisted Halloween Hat

Vampire Ascot

Vampire Bat Applique

Vampire Bite Choker

Vampire Cape

+Wanda the Witch Amigurumi

Wee Witch

Witch Clothespin Doll

Witch Doll

+Witch Finger Puppet

+Witch Hat, Felted

Witch or Wizard Hats

Witch Sucker Cover

+Witch's Hat Dishcloth

Witchetty Grubs

Witchy Lily Doll

Yorick Skull, Amigurumi

Young Vampire Cape

Zero the Ghost Dog

Zombie Fingers

Zombiebot Amigurumi

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