Felted Items

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A Lot a Ruffles Felted Bag

About Town Classic Fulled/Felted Hat

Alice Mini-Shopper Felted Bag

Amulet Bag, Felted

April Felted Wavy Bag

Beads, Welts, and Popcorns Felted Bag

+Bird Cottage, Felted

Bird Up Pillow

+Black Cat Bag, Felted

Bloody Mary Felted Bag

Bowl, Felted

+Candy Corn Bag, Felted

Cell Phone Cozy, Felted

+Checkers Set, Felted

Chrysanthemum Pin, Felted

Clematis Pin, Felted

Clutch Purse, Felted

Colorful Felted Coasters

Cute Felted Purse

+Day or Night Felted Clutch

De Luxe Cat Pet Bed

Diddy Bag

Door Knob Organizer, Felted

+Doris the Duckling Felted Amigurumi

+Dotty Felted Coin Purse

Drawstring Bag, Felted

Easy Felted Bag

Easy Felted Potholder

Easy Felted Purse

+Fall Foilage Crown, Felted

Fall Leaf Pillow, Felted

Felt and Flower Tea Cozy

Felted A-line Skirt

Felted Auto Toy Pouch

Felted Baby Slippers

Felted Bag

Felted Beanie

Felted Coasters

Felted Coffee Cup Cozy

+Felted Coin Purse

Felted Crochet Bowl

+Felted Diaper Bag

Felted Diaper Bag

Felted Fuschia Fedora

+Felted Hook 'Book'

Felted Hook/Pencil Case

Felted Hot Pad

+Felted Leaves Table Runner

Felted Memo Bag

Felted Mittens

+Felted Petaled Flower

Felted Pocketbook

+Felted Potholder

Felted Purse

Felted Rose Trio

Felted Tam-Beret

Felted Wine Glass Coasters

+Floral Trio, Felted

Fox Bag, Felted

Funky Felted Crochet Bag

Funky Felted Granny Bag

Gelsomina Felted Hat

Girl's Felted Satchel

Granny Tote, Felted

+Guitar Strap, Felted

Hair Clip, Felted

+Halloween Scream Felted Wreath

Hip-Hop Felted Bag

Holly Purse, Felted

Hook Case, Felted

How to Make Felted Wool Dryer Balls

Irma's Felted Drawstring Bag

+Jolly Jack O'Lantern Felted Bowl

Kindle Kaddy, Felted

Kitty Cuddles Felted Cat Bed

Kluster Felted Hook Case

Knitting Needle Bag, Felted

Lantern Necklace, Felted

+Leaf Soap Cozy, Felted

Lion Bag, Felted

Little Flapped Bag

Make Mine a Double Cocktail Purse

May Trapezoid Felted Bag

+Pampered Pooch Felted Bed

Patchwork Felted Bag

Peacock Tea Cozy

Pike Place Market Bag

Polka Dot Purse, Felted

Posied Felted Bag

Pots, Felted

Pretty Little Felted Purse Pattern

Purse Organizer, Felted

Purse, Felted

+Red Rose Handbag, Felted

Reindeer Coaster

Roll Brim Hat, Felted

Rose Garden Tote

Rose Pin, Felted

Rosewood Felted Bag

Seat Belt Cover, Felted

Seat Cover, Felted

+Siamese Cat Felted Amigurumi

+Skull, Felted

Small Project Tote

+Small Two Color Felted Coin Purse

Snowflake and Cookie Coaster

Sock Monkey Bag, Felted

Square Pegs Round Holes Felted Pillows

Storage Baskets, Felted

Striped Autumn Purse

Sunflower Pin, Felted

Sunflower Purse, Felted

Super Simple Felted Potholder

+Tweety Birds, Felted

Well Traveled Bag

+Windowpane Plaid Felted Coin Purse

+Witch Hat, Felted

Wood Handles Felted Purse

Wynter Flower Felted Bag

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