Farm Animals

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Baaaa! Sheep

+Baby Pig, Amigurumi

Bigfoot Piggy Amigurumi

Blue Donkey Keychain Amigurumi

+Chick, Amigurumi

Chicken Hat

Chicken Potholder

+Chicken Towel Topper

Chicken, Amigurumi


Chickie Chickie Amigurumi

Chicklet Amigurumi

Chubby Sheep

+Country Cord Cuddlers

Cow Bookmark

Cow Keychain Critter

Cow Ornament

Cow Plastic Bag Holder

Cow Tipping Toy

Cow Toaster Cover

Creametta Moolove Funmigurumi Cow

+Critter Pig Coaster

Cute Duck

Cute Duck

Cute Little Piggy Amigurumi

Danny Duck Potholder

Donkey, Stuffed

+Doris the Duckling Felted Amigurumi

Duck & Chicken, Little

Duck Cuddly Toy


Duckie Bib

+Duckling Pocket Pet

Eggy the Cute Chick

Ewey the Lamb Amigurumi

+Fluffy Lamb Pillow

Flying Pigs, Amigurumi

Free Range Chicken

Goofy Looking Cow

Granny Chic Chicken

Granny Chicken

Granny Cow

Granny Pig

Green Angry Birds Pig

+Heloise Hen Amigurumi

Holiday Chick

+Lamb, Little

Lamb, Stuffed

+Lewis and Lucy Duck

Lil' Piggy Tri-ami

Lionel Llama

Little Pig Amigurumi

Llama Amigurumi

+Momma Chicken, Amigurumi

Nathaniel the Pig

Ox Amigurumi

Ox Amigurumi, Small

Pass the Piggies

+Pig & Chicken

Pig Amigurumi

Pig and her Pancake

Pig and Piglet

+Pig Chalkboard

Pig Finger Puppet

Pig in the City Amigurumi

+Pig, Amigurumi

*Pig, Little

Pig, Little

Piggy Amigurumi

Piggy Bank

Piggy, Little Amigurumi

Rainbow Pig


Rooster Filet Hanging

Rubber Duck


Sheep for Ewe

Sheep Scarf

Sheep Toy

Sheep, Felted Amigurumi

Sheepy Amigurumi

Sleeping Baby Sheep

Sleepy Sheep

Smaller Ugly Duckling

Spring Chickens Amigurumi

Spring Pig Toy

Strawberry the Sleepy Cow Amigurumi

Stuffed Lamb Toy

Totsie the Pig

Widdle Fat Sheepy

Willy the Little Pig Amigurumi

+Zack and Daisy Mae Cow

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