Dolls, Crocheted

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*Bunny Vase Doll

*Chick Vase Doll

*Spring Time Vase Doll

12" Doll

9" Witch Doll

Abby NCIS Doll

Alice Cullen Inspired Doll

Amigurumi Doll

Amigurumi Doll

Amigurumi Me Doll

Angel Baby Amigurumi

Annabelle Doll

Artistic Annie Doll

Aurora Mini Doll

Baby Doll Amigurumi

Baby Love Amigurumi Doll

Baby's First Doll

Back to School Lily Doll

Basic Doll

Batman Doll

Belinda Dolly

Bitty Babies

Bitty Baby Amigurumi

Born on the 4th of July Doll

Boyfriend Billy Doll

+Bryan Boy Amigurumi Doll

+Bunting Doll

Bunting Doll

Call Me Cordelia Doll

Candice's Dollie

Captain Andrew Rag Doll

Captain Jack Sparrow Amigurumi

Chinese New Year Doll

+Cone Dolls

Coraline Doll

Date Night Lily Doll

Dawn Doll 28oz Detergent Cover

Denim Doll

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Inspired Doll

Dolls, Little

Elf Doll

Fairy Doll Amigurumi

Fashionista Farrah Doll

+Flower Girl Lacy Doll

Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll

Fuji Dolls

Fun in the Sun Doll

Garden Lily Doll

Geisha Doll

+Gingerbread Doll

Gnome Doll

Gnorbert the Gnome

Goddess Doll

Goldilocks Doll

+Gordo & Doug Dolls

Grover Doll

Heart Shaped Baby Doll

Hippie Doll

Holly the Clown

Homer Simpson Amigurumi

Itsy Bitsy Baby Amigurumi

Jack Frost Doll

Kokeshi Doll

Kokeshi Doll Amigurumi

Kokeshi Dolls

Lalaloopsy Inspired Doll

Lily Doll

Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Doll

Lily the Christmas Elf Doll

+Little Artist Crayon Keeper Doll

Little Girl Kate Amigurumi Doll

Little Lady Doll

Little Pigtail Girl Doll

Liz-a-Witch Halloween Doll

Long Legged Fairy

Lovely Lucy Doll

Magdalena Doll

Margarita Fairy Amigurumi

Marina the Mermaid

+Martha Stewart Doll

Melissa & Clarissa Amigurumi Doll

Mermaids, Tiny

Miles of Smiles Doll

Monika, the Amigurumi Nurse

Mood Doll

Moogle Doll

Mrs. Beasley Doll

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Clause

My Little Pony Crochet Pattern

Nesting Dolls CAL: Matryoshka Pattern 1 � Large Doll

Nesting Dolls CAL: Matryoshka Pattern 2 � Medium Doll

Nesting Dolls CAL: Matryoshka Pattern 3 � Small Doll

Nesting Dolls CAL: Matryoshka Pattern 4 � Baby Doll Pattern

Nurse, Little Amigurumi

Ogilvy Dolls

Panama Dolls

Party Girl Doll

Peter and Pernille Dolls

Pilgrim Billy Doll

Pilgrim Lily Doll

Pink Little Lady Doll

+Pioneer Becky Doll

Plastic Spring Curls Doll

Plastic Spring Mermaids

+Playtime Baby Doll

Princess & Frog

Princess Peach/Princess Toadstool Doll

Princess Poppy Doll

Puppet Boy in a Blanket

Puppet Dolly in a Blanket

Rag Dolls

Rebecca Floppy Doll

Red Riding Hood and Grandmother Topsy-Turvy Doll

Rodrick Diary of a Wimpy Kid Doll

Rose "Back to the 50's" Doll, Amigurumi

+Rose Broom Doll

Sam the Skater Doll

Santa Claus Doll

Scarecrow Doll

+Shelly Girl Amigurumi Doll

Simple Dolly

Siya Doll

Sleepy Sarah Amigurumi Doll

Small Doll

Smiley Face Doll

Soldier Doll Toy

South Park Mini Me Doll

Sprite Doll

Square Dancing Doll

Starlight the Popstar

Stewie Griffin

Strawberry Girl Inside-Out Doll

Stuffed Clown

+Sunbonnet Sue Broom Doll

Sweet Girl Leena Amigurumi Doll

+Sweetheart Doll

+Tangerine and Kumquat Twins

Thea Doll Amigurumi

+Tiny the Clown

Too Cute Dolls

Tooth Fairy Doll

Turbo Tail Mermaid Doll

Victorian Doll

Wee Dolly

Winter Princess Lily Doll

Witchy Lily Doll

Wizard Doll

Wybie Doll

Yo-Yo Santa Doll

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