Cases and Caddies

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Crochet Pattern Central) before viewing.

*Sunglasses Case

Adjustable Camera Case

*Afghan Hooks, Cro-Hooks, or Knitting Needles Case

Alien Invasion Ipod Jacket

All In One Crochet Hook Case

*Aluminum Crochet Hook Case

Back to School Pencil Case

Back to School Pencil Case

Bag Caddy

Beaded Playing Card Case

Bomb Pop Sunglass Case

Book Pen Pouch

Business Card Caddy

Button Up Cell Phone Case

Camera Case

Cash 'n Cards Case Wallet

Cassette Ipod Case

Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Case

Christmas Card Pouch

Christmas Heart Spectacle Case

Chunky iPad Sleeve

Cozy Gnome Camera Case

Crochet Case for Pencils

*Crochet Hook Caddy

Crochet Hook Case

Crochet Minion Pencil Case

Crochet on the Go! Case

Crochet Project Case

Crunch Stitch Hook Case

Customizable Cell Phone Case

Diamond Spike Stitch Glasses Case

Droid Phone Case

Drum Sticks Pouch

DS Game Carrying Case

E-Reader Carry Case

E-Reader Case

Earbud Case

+Earring Travel Case

Eye Glass Case

+Felted Hook 'Book'

Felted Hook/Pencil Case

*Fifteen Minute Glasses Case

Flash Card Case

Flower Button Wallet

Flower Phone Case

Flowered Tea Caddy

Gameboy Advance Case

Gift Card/Business Card Holder Sleeve

Glasses Case

Handled Cell Phone Case

Handphone Dual-Pocket Multipurpose Pouch

Happy Bento Lunch Caddy

Hook Case, Felted

Hook Envelope

Hook Holder

Hook or Pen Pouch

Hook Travel Case

iPhone Case

Kindle Kaddy, Felted

Kluster Felted Hook Case

Laptop Case

Love My iPad Case

Love My iPad Case

Magnifying Glass Case

Margret's Crochet Hook Caddy

*Mending Caddy

Mobile Phone Cozy

Mobile Pocket

Moo Card Case

Mother�s Day Desk Set

MP3 Pouch

Multi-Color Camera Pouch

Music Monster - iPod/ iPhone Case

Neat Crochet Hook Case

Needle Caddy

Needle Case

Notepaper and Pencil Case

Nursery Caddy

Owl Case

Palm Pilot Case

Pineapple Nano Pouch

Pink Ribbon Eye Glass Case

Playing Card Case

Purple Sunglasses Case

Purse Organizer, Felted

Quick Scissors Pouch

Rainbow Pencil Case

Razor Caddy

Recipe Card Caddy

Recycled Hook Case

Remote Control Caddy

Roll-Up Hook Case

Roll-Up Pencil Case

Running Stitch Eyeglass Case

Scarecrow Cell Phone Pouch

Scissor Pouch

Scissors Case

Seamless Cell Phone Case

Seed Stitch Camera Case

Sewing Susan

Simple Business Card Sleeve

Simple Sunglasses Case

Skulll ipad Case

Small Eyeglass Case

Smoke 'em if you got 'em - Cigar Case

Snowman Cell Phone Pouch

*Spool Thread Box

Star Hook Case

Stash It Caddy

*Steel Crochet Hook Case

Stitchmarker Case

Striped Hook Purse

*Sunflower Hook Case / Scissors Keeper

Sunglasses Case

+Sunshine Stripes Glasses Case

Super-Easy Rolled Crochet Hook Case

Sushi Roll Pencil/Cosmetic Case

Swedish Snail

Sweetpea Crochet Hook Case

*Tissue Tote

Travel Case

Triangle Stitch Hand Sanitizer Case

Triangle Stitch Pencil Case

Waves & Shells Hook Case

Zippered Pencil Case

Zippered Pencil Case

Zombie Top Tissue Case

�Zombie� Tissue Case

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