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Alta M. Flamingo

Angry Birds - Boomerang Green Bird

Angry Birds - Red Bird

Angry Birds - White Bird

Angry Birds - Yellow Bird

Angry Birds Plushie

+Baby Birds in a Nest, Amigurumi

Baby Chick Amigurumi

Baby Penguin Amigurumi

Bald Eagle Amigurumi

Basic Bird

Benny Bird Amigurumi

Bird Applique

Bird Ornament

Bird Purse

Birdie, Little

Birds and the Bees

Black Angry Bird

Blockety Mallard Funmigurumi

Blue Angry Bird

Blue Lightening Space Angry Bird


BlueBird Appliques

Bobble Owl

Bride and Groom Lovebirds



Caroline's Birds

+Chick, Amigurumi

Chick/Baby Bird Amigurumi

+Chickadee Potholder

Chicken Coasters

Chicken Potholder

Chicken Tea Cozy

Chicken, Amigurumi


Chicklet Amigurumi

Chirp or the Little Baby Chick

Cinnamon the Amigurumi Hen

Cluck Clutch

Colorful Birds & Their Nest

Crow Amigurumi

Cuddly Little Owl, Amigurumi

Cute Cuddly Owl

Cute Duck

Cute Duck

Cute Little Bird

Cute Turkey

Cutie Hootie Owl

Danny Duck

Danny Duck Potholder

+Doris the Duckling Felted Amigurumi

+Dove Sachet Amigurumi

Duck & Chicken, Little


Duckie Bib


+Duckling Pocket Pet

Dudley the Bird

Easy Hummingbird Amigurumi

+Fay the Flamingo

Feathers the Bird Amigurumi

Fire Bomb Black Angy Bird Amigurumi

Free Range Chicken

Funky Birdie

Galah Parrot Puppet

Genghis the Eagle

Gobble Gobble Turkey

Gobble, Gobble Turkey

Gobbler the Turkey

Graduation Owl Amigurumi

+Graduation Owl, Amigurumi

Granny Chicken

+Heloise Hen Amigurumi

Holiday Chick

+Holiday Dove Ornament

+Holiday Penguin Amigurumi

Hooty: Mini Owl

House Owl

Huggable Penguin

Hummingbird Amigurumi

Hummingbird, Filet


I Don't Give a Hoot - Owl

Joe Penguin

Kiwi Bird

Kowalski the Penguin Amigurumi

Lazer Purple Space Angry Bird Amigurumi

Lens Chick

+Lewis and Lucy Duck

Lil Buster Owl

Little Owlie

+Love Birds, Amigurumi

Mama Chicken Egg Cover

Mauritius Dodo Bird

Mini Owls

+Momma Bird, Amigurumi

+Momma Chickadee Potholder

+Momma Chicken, Amigurumi

Mr. Penguin Amigurumi

Mr. Tucan

Nanna Stork

Nerdy Bird

Not Another Owl Hat

Oddball Blackbird

+Ollie the Owl

Ollie the Owl

One Piece Penguin

Owl Amigurumi

Owl Amigurumi

Owl Applique

Owl Applique

Owl Applique

Owl Bookmark

Owl Can Toy

Owl Eye Mask

Owl Lady Amigurumi

Owl Ornament

Owl Sachet

Owl Stuffy

Owl Toy

Owl, 2D

+Owl, Amigurumi

Owl, Cutest Little Amigurumi


Owlet, Little



Owlwyn the Owl

Owly Owl

Pablito the Penguin

+Parrot Amigurumi

Peacock Finger Puppet


Penguin Amigurumi

Penguin Bowling

Penguin Coaster

Penguin Pal Pillow

+Penguin, Amigurumi

Penguin, Amigurumi

Penguin, Little


Peter Penguin Amigurumi

Pink Flamingo Cuddle Quilt

Pretty Parakeet

Pretty Peacock Amigurumi

*Prinny Bird Amigurumi

Private the Penguin Amigurumi

Rainy Day Duck

Red Angry Bird

Red Angry Bird

Red Angry Bird Toilet Paper Cosy

Red Bird

Reginald Bird Amigurumi

Rico the Penguin Amigurumi



Robins Love Nest Amigurumi

Roy the Flamingo

Simple and Sweet Owl

Simple Swan

Simply Cute Blue Bird

Skipper the Penguin Amigurumi

Sleepy Little Owl Hat

Small Owl

Smaller Ugly Duckling

Snowy Owl

Snuggles the Penguin

Special Delivery Stork

Spring Chickens Amigurumi

Spring Hat - Yellow Bird, Blue Bird

+Sweet Tweet Sachets

Terence Green Space Angry Bird Amigurumi

Titus the Barn Owl

+Tom Turkey

Toucan Amigurumi

+Toy Duck


Turkey Flake

Turkey Placemat

Turkey Table Topper

+Tweety Birds, Felted

Twitterpated Bird

+Ugly Duckling

Whoobie Owl Amigurumi

Wise Old Owl Applique

Woody the Owl

Yellow Angry Bird

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