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*Knight Ken

*Prince Ken

*Princess Barbie

1950's Style Barbie Dress

1971 Barbie Belted Dress

1971 Barbie Pants Suit

1971 Barbie Shell Stitch Dress

+At the Office Outfit

+Autumn Shalee Indian Outfit

Barbie Ballet Flats

Barbie Basic Leggings

Barbie Basic Socks

*Barbie Basics Clothes (tons!)

Barbie Bikini

Barbie Bikini Drawstring Bag

+Barbie Canoe

Barbie Cape

Barbie Castle Facade

Barbie Cloak

Barbie Doll Panties

Barbie Doll Ruffle Dress

Barbie Doll Summer Dress

Barbie Duffle Bag

Barbie Evening Gown

Barbie Flowie Dress

Barbie Granny Square Shopping Tote Bag

Barbie High Low Cocktail Dress

Barbie Jacket & Skirt

Barbie Lace Casual Top and Mini Skirt

Barbie Lacy Sleeveless Top

Barbie Laptop Messenger Bag

Barbie Mini Skirt Turned Into Shorts

Barbie Mod Sheath Dress

Barbie One Shoulder Cut Out Bodycon Dress

Barbie One-Shoulder Day Dress

Barbie Ottoman Chair Cover

Barbie Outfit

Barbie Panties

Barbie Peplum Tank Top

Barbie Picnic Dress

Barbie Short Shorts

Barbie Shoulder Wrap

Barbie Shrug

Barbie Stole

Barbie Strapless Layered Dress

Barbie Strapless Pencil Dress

Barbie Summer Tie Top

Barbie Sundress & Hat

Barbie Toga

Barbie Tote/Purse

Barbie Tower Facade

Barbie Wedding Outfit

Barbie Witch Hat

Barbie Yarn Evening Gown

Beautiful in Burgundy Barbie Dress

Bedspread and Pillows

Bell Dress #2

Black & White Barbie Evening Gown, Coat

Black Velvet Formal

Carrot Barbie Dress

Cassette Tape Barbie Doll Halter Dress

Chocolate Colored Barbie Slacks

Chocolate Strapless Barbie Top

Christmas Party Ruffles Barbie Dress

Colorblocked Panel Sheath Barbie Dress

Demure Mermaid Barbie Dress

Doll Bridal Gown

Doll House Rug

+Doll Sweater

Doll's Blue Easter Bonnet

+Dotted Delight Outfit

Dress and Bag for Kelly

Easter Dress (Fashion Doll)

Easy Barbie Slouchy Beret and Capelet

Electric Blue Barbie Wrap Dress

Fashion Doll Apron

Fashion Doll Babydoll Pajamas

Fashion Doll Bikini

Fashion Doll Bloomers

*Fashion Doll Blouson Sundress and Hair-band

Fashion Doll Christmas Cape

Fashion Doll Christmas Tree Hat

Fashion Doll Easter Basket

Fashion Doll Elf Hat

Fashion Doll Gown with Cape

Fashion Doll Half Shirt

Fashion Doll Hat

+Fashion Doll Hoop Skirt

Fashion Doll Kerchief

Fashion Doll Mini Skirt

Fashion Doll No-Sew Pencil Skirt

+Fashion Doll Patchwork Jacket & Afghan

Fashion Doll Pumpkin Hat

Fashion Doll Ruffled Hat

Fashion Doll Scarf

Fashion Doll Shrug

Fashion Doll Sleeping Bag

Fashion Doll Sleeping Bag

Fashion Doll Snuggle Up

Fashion Doll Sun Dress

Fashion Doll Table and Chair

+Fashion Doll Vest and Hanger

Fashion Doll Wrap

Fourth of July Barbie Bikini

Granny Square Barbie Doll Clothes

Hearts Valentine's Day Barbie Purse

Hearts Valentine's Day Barbie Skirt

Hearts Valentine's Day Barbie Top

High Top Barbie Doll Tennis Shoes

+His and Hers Native American Costumes

+Independence Fashion Doll Outfit

Jeans Jacket for Barbie Doll

+July Fourth Picnic Oufit

+June Bride and Groom Oufits

Kelly's Witch Costume

Ken and Barbie Caps

Ken Vest

Ken's Baseball Hat

+Latana Fashion Gown

+Lavender Doily Gown

+Midnight Gold Gown

+Mini Dress

Mini or Long Barbie Dress

*Morning Glory Fashion Doll Dress

Movie Night Barbie Dress

+Native American Playset

+Off-the-Shoulder Doll's Sweetheart Dress

+Old World Santa and Mrs. Claus Outfits

Party Dress

Party Dress and Lovers-Knot Shawl

Petal Poncho

Pink and Black Pinstripe Barbie Jacket

Pink and Black Pinstripe Barbie Skirt

Pink Ruffle Chocolate Barbie Jacket

Pink Ruffle Chocolate Barbie Skirt

Pink Ruffled Barbie Short Skirt

Pink Ruffled Barbie Sleeveless Top

Pink Shell Barbie Skirt

Pink Shell Barbie Top

Pullip Backless Sundress

Raglan Sleeve Hooded Barbie Jacket

+Rainbows and Ruffles Fashion Doll Set

Recycled Cassette Tape Barbie Doll Purses

Red and White Barbie Top

Red, White, & Blue Barbie Skirt

Ribbed Barbie Hat

Ribbons & Bows Christmas Barbie Dress

Riverboat Gambler (outfit for Ken)

Rose Evening Barbie Outfit, Coat

Royal Wedding Dress (Barbie)

Santa Claus Barbie Hat

Scalloped Fashion Doll Poncho

+Shamrock Pillow Doll Outfit (fits 11 1/2in)

Shell Stitch Barbie Skirt & Crop Top

Simple Sheath Barbie Dress

Simple--Bodycon-Turned-Peplum Barbie Dress

Strapless Barbie Bodysuit/Swimsuit

Strapless Barbie Dress

Strapless Bodycon Barbie Dress

Strapless Evening Gown

Striped Sherbet Barbie Sundress

Summer Party Dress and Shawl

*Sweet In Pink Fashion Doll Ensemble

Textured Barbie Afghan

+Turn of the Century Wedding Dress


Two Piece Barbie Outfit

+Waitress and Chef Outfits

*Warm Winter Rose Fashion Doll Ensemble

White Shell Barbie Hat

White Shell Barbie Purse

Winter Princess Barbie Dress

Winter Snow Barbie Dress & Cape

Yellow Barbie Plarn Dress

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