Baby Sweaters, Cardigans, And Jackets

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Abbey Sweater & Pants

Abigail Baby Sweater

Allen Sweater & Pants

Amy Newborn Cardigan

Angel Sweater

Around the World Baby Cardigan

Baby Bumpy Sweater

Baby Filet Jacket

Baby Girl Sweater

*Baby Hoodie

Baby It's Cold Outside (BICO) Sweater

Baby Kimono Wrap

Baby Matinee Coat

Baby Sacque

Baby Summer Coat

Baby Summer Coat

Baby T-Topper

Baby Three Piece

Baby Vest

Baby's Coat

Baby's First Cardi

Bartlett Car Coat

Belted Baby Sweater

Blue Picot and Lace Sweater

Bouncing Baby Pullover

Bozeman Baby Jacket

Braelyn Lightweight Baby Cardigan

Butterfly Sacque

+Button-Up Baby Cardigan

Cable Front Sweater/Pants & Hat

+Cable Sweater

Cardigan for Babies

Cat's Meow Toddler Jacket

Chelle Baby Short Sleeved Sweater

Cluster Yoke Cardigan

Comfy Slipon Baby Sweater

Cross Stitch Pullover

Cuddle Me Hooded Baby Sweater

Cute as a Button Cardigan

David Baby Peacoat

Devon Striped Baby Sweater

Donna's Baby Sweater

+Easy Baby Sweater

Easy Baby Sweater

Easy Newborn Vest

Elfin Stripes Sweater

Eloise Baby Sweater

Epiphany Baby Sweater

Everyday is a New Sweater Day Baby Sweater

+Flutter Baby Jacket

*Forget Me Not Cardigan

Fun Fur Jacket

+Green Blue Baby Sweater

Happy Baby Short Sleeve Sweater

Hexagon Granny Baby Jacket

Hexagon Ruffles Baby Jacket

Hoodie Jacket

+Hudson Bay Jacket

Huggable Baby Jacket

Infant Cardigan

Infant Ribbon Sacque

Infant Surplice Sweater

Infant Versicolor Pullover

JoAnne Sweater

Kelly's Baby Sweater

Lapel Jacket

Leaping Crochet Baby Hoodie

Leaping Crochet Baby Hoodie

Lil Darlin' Baby Sweater

Little Fans Down Under, Baby Sweater

Loopy Love Baby Sweater

Mandarin Baby Jacket

Mitered Stripes Baby Sweater

Newborn Hooded Ripple Sweater

Newborn Lacy Shell Sweater

Olivier Baby Cardigan

On the Trail Hoodie Pullover

One Piece Wonder Baby Sweater

Pineapple Sweater

Pippi Longstocking Baby Sweater

Pneumonia Prevention Vests

Pom-Pom Cardigan

Precious Baby Fashion Jacket

Pretty Baby Coat

Pretty Baby Jacket

*Primrose Baby Jacket

Puff Accented Cardigan

Pullover Baby Sweater

Rebekka Sweater

Ribbed Baby Cardigan

Saddle Tramp Vest

Scrap Yarn Baby Jacket

Severin Pullover

Shell Stitch Baby Sweater

Shell Stitch Hooded Cardigan

Shell Sweater

Shells Baby Vest

Short Sleeved Baby Cardigan

Shui Baby Jacket

Simple Sweet Baby Sweater

Simplicity Cardigan

Square Yoke Baby Sweater

Striped Baby Cardigan

Striped Pullover

Summer Breeze Baby Sweater

Sunday Best Baby Sweater

Super-Simple Newborn Pull-over

Sweater Baby Coat

Sweet Baby Hoodie

Swing Baby Jacket

Textured Baby Sweater

The Shy Butterfly - Baby Sweater

Three Hour Baby Sweater

Victorian Baby Jacket

*Victorian Rose Baby Sweater

Vintage Baby Jacket and Cap

Warm & Happy Vest

Wrap Sweater

Yellow Stripe Vest

+Zip-Back Hoody

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