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Dinosaur Amigurumi

Dizzy the Egg Amigurumi

DJ Headphones Amigurumi

Doe and Fawn

+Dog, Amigurumi

+Doris the Duckling Felted Amigurumi

+Doughnut, Amigurumi

Douglas Amigurumi

+Dove Sachet Amigurumi

Dr. Suess' Sneetch Amigurumi

Dragon Amigurumi

Drip the Droplette

Droid Robot

+Ducky Egg Cozy, Amigurumi

Ducky Momo Fan Art Amigurumi

Dumpling & Soy Sauce Amigurumi

Dust Bunnies Amigurumi

Dwebble Amigurumi

Dynamite Amigurumi

Earflap Hat Turtle Amigurumi

Earl Lenmeyer the Flask, Amigurumi

Easter Chick

Easter Egg Amigurumi

Easter Egg Amigurumi

Easter Egg Amigurumi

Easter Egglet

Easter Haru-chan and Baby Chioux

Easy Hummingbird Amigurumi

Eddie - Lovable Monster

Eel Amigurumi

Eevee Plushie

Rectangle Uglee Amigurumi

Red Angry Bird

Red Devil Amigurumi

Reginald Bird Amigurumi

+Reindeer, Amigurumi

Richard the Whale Amigurumi

Rico the Penguin Amigurumi

Rikki Rat Amigurumi

Robins Love Nest Amigurumi

Robot Amigurumi

Robot Amigurumi

Robot Santa Amigurumi

Rocket, Amigurumi

Roly Poly Shih Tzu Amigurumi

Romeo: Bubble of Love

Rose "Back to the 50's" Doll, Amigurumi

Rose Amigurumi

+Rudy the Rectangle Amigurumi

Rudy the Reindeer

Safety Barrel

Safety Cone

Sailor Elephant Amigurumi

Sailor Whale Amigurumi

Sakura Girl, Little Amigurumi

Sally the Snail Amigurumi

+Salvadore Snake Amigurumi

Sammy Snail Amigurumi

Sandwich Amigurumi

Santa Claus Amigurumi

Santa Claus and Reindeer Amigurumi

Santa Claus Ornament


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