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Curling Rocks Amigurumi

Curly Critter

Cute Amigurumi Doll

Cute Critter

Cute Little Octopus Amigurumi

Cute Little Piggy Amigurumi

Cute Mushroom

Cute Orange Blob Amigurumi

Cute Small Owl

Cutie Cupcake

Cyndaquil Plushie

D20 Amigurumi

Dachshund Amigurumi

+Daddyo Long Legs Amigurumi

Daisy the Duck

Dango Bunny Amigurumi

Danny Dog Amigurumi

Date Night Lily Doll

Deadly Cute Ninja

Deadmau5 Head Amigurumi

Deoxys Amigurumi

Despicable Me Minion

Despicable Me Minion

Despicable Me Minion Amigurumi

Despicable Minion Amigurumi

Devil Wears Red Amigurumi

Dewott Amigurumi

Dice Amigurumi

Dice Amigurumi

Dim Bulb Amigurumi

Dinosaur Amigurumi

Prince Charming Frog Amigurumi

Princess Leia Amigurumi

*Prinny Bird Amigurumi

Private the Penguin Amigurumi

Prize Plushie Dog

Psyduck Amigurumi

Pufferfish Amigurumi

Pug Amigurumi

Puggle Amigurumi

Pumpkin Girl

Pumpkin Man Amigurumi

Puppy Amigurumi

+Puppy, Amigurumi

Purin Amigurumi

Purple Alicorn

Purple People Eater Monster

Purploids, Pinkloids, & Bloops Amigurumi

Puss in Boots Amigurumi

Queen Amidala Amigurumi

Quilava Amigurumi

R2D2 Amigurumi

Raggedy Pals

Raichu Pokemon Stuffie

Rainbow Fishing Game

Rainbow Rachael Doll

Raindrop Amigurumi

Raindrop Amigurumi

Raving Rabbid Rabbit Amigurumi

Ray Gun ala Howie Woo

Reach for the Stars Moon & Bunny Amigurumi

Rectangle Uglee Amigurumi

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