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"Mochi" Cupcake Pincushion

"Tumbler" Grumpy Cat

*Amigirumi Chick


*Gir from Invader Zim

*Lil' Ducks

*Pip The Chick Crochet Pattern

*Plankton from Spongebob

*Sock Monkey


2014 World Cup Mini Match Ball

Abby Bee Amigurumi

Abby Cadabby Amigurumi

Acorn Amigurumi


Acorns, Amigurumi

Adipose Fat Doll Amigurumi

Adorable Aliens

Adorable Owl Amigurumi Sachet

Adventure Time Jake Amigurumi

Adventure Time Jake Amigurumi

Aipom Plushie

Alien Amigurumi

Alien Amigurumi

Alien Amigurumi

Alien Chick

Alien Face

Alien Guy Doll

+Alien, Amigurumi

Alphonse Amigurumi

Larvitar Pokemon Amigurumi

Lavender Owl

Lazer Purple Space Angry Bird Amigurumi

Ledyba Pokemon Amigurumi

Leek Amigurumi

LeeLoo Amigurumi Monkey

Legend of Zelda Toon Link Amigurumi

Lego Minifigure Amigurumi

LGM Alien

Light Bulb Amigurumi

Lighthouse Amigurumi

Lil Uglee Amigurumi

Lil' Piggy Tri-ami

Lil' Pretties Amigurumi

Lilly Funmigurumi Stripey Cat

Lime Amigurumi

Linguine Bunnybuns Amigurumi

Link (Legend of Zelda) Amigurumi

Link Amigurumi

Link from Zelda Amigurumi

Link's Amigurumi Hylian Shield/Sword/Sheath

+Lion, Amigurumi

Lion, Amigurumi

Little Big Planet Sackboy Amigurumi

Little Bigfoot Hippo Amigurumi

Little Bird's Holiday Amigurumi

Little Black Jelly Bean, Amigurumi

Little Chick Bean Bag Pattern

Little Elsa Amigurumi Doll

Little Empanada

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