African & Asian Animals

Patterns preceded by an asterisk (*) are in PDF format.
Patterns preceded by an plus sign (+) require free registration (to that particular pattern site, not to Crochet Pattern Central) before viewing.

Alexander the Baby Elephant

Almost One Piece Giraffe

Amigurumi Elephant

Apple the Elephant

Bigfoot Giraffe, Little

Bigfoot Lion, Little

Boris The Tiny Lion

Circus Elephant

Circus Elephant Mini Amigurumi

Claude the Camel

Colorful Elephant

Egmont the Elephant

Elenora Elephant Ornament


Elephant Amigurumi

Elephant Amigurumi

Elephant Bookends

Elephant Can Toy

Elephant Magnets

+Elephant Night Light

Elephant Pacifier Bib

Elephant Square (12")

+Elephant, Amigurumi

Elephant, Simple

Elephant, Toy

+Ellie the Elephant Pillow

Floppy Elephant

+Fluffy Lion Pillow

+Georgina the Giraffe Amigurumi

Gigi Giraffe



Giraffe Ballon Animal

Giraffe Fridgie

+Giraffe Head

Giraffe, Little Amigurumi

Gracie the Tiny Elephant

Gray Elephant

Happy Hippo

Happy Okapi

+Heather the Hippo



Hippos, Funmigurumi

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

Itty Bitty Elephant

Jungle Lion

+Leo the Lion

+Leopold the Lion

Lion Blanket

Lion Finger Puppet

+Lion Tawashi Scrubber

+Lion, Amigurumi

Lion, Amigurumi

Lion, Easy Attach

Little Bigfoot Hippo Amigurumi

Lucky Lion Head


Ollie Elephant

Peeko the Elephant

Peppermint Zebra

Pocket Elephant

Pretoria Lion Toy

Rainbow Elephant

+Reginald and Regina Elephant

Sailor Elephant Amigurumi

Shasta the Hippo

Spring Elephant Toy

Stuffed, Jointed Elephant

Taweret Hippo

Tiny Tree Trunks Elephant Keychain

Tree Trunks Elephant Amigurumi

Wee Little Hippos

Zachary Zebra

Zebra Slippers

Zebra Toy Amigurumi

Zillah Zebra

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