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Also try Baby Afghans.

Country Cozy Afghan

Country Hearts Quilt

Country Home Throw

+Country Shells Afghan

Country Star Afghan

Country Tweed Afghan

County Fair Quilt

Coverlet Strip Throw

Cozy Halloween Blanket

Cozy Heart Afghan

Cozy Man-ghan

Cozy Ripple Afghan

Cozy Striped Throw

Cozy Winter Blanket

*Cranberry Tweed Afghan

+Crayon Colored Ripple Afghan

+Crayon Ripple Throw

Crazy Crocodile Afghan

Crazy Stitch Afghan

Crested Wave Afghan

Crimson Roses Afghan

Criss Cross Quilt

Crossed Double Crochet Ripple Blanket

Crosshatch Stitch Afghan

+Crystal Lace Afghan

+Crystal Treasure Afghan

Curl Up In Afghan

Cyanne - Starflower Coverlet

+Daffodil Afghan

+Daffodil Afghan

Dahlia Afghan

Ripple Throwback

+Ripple with Overleaf Afghan

Rippled Granny Throw

Rivers to Ocean Afghan

Rockland Throw

Roman Aquaduct Throw

Roman Stripe Afghan

Rose Afghan

Rose Blanket

Rose Garden Afghan

Rose Motif Afghan

+Rosebud Afghan

Rosettes Blanket

Round Ripple Bedspread

Row Count Afghans

+Royal Blue & Soft White Afghan

+Royal Diamond Afghan

+Royal Satin Afghan

Ruby Hexagon Throw

Ruby Patchwork Throw

+Ruffled Flower Afghan

+Ruffled Strips Afghan

Ryann's Cuddle Cover

+Saltwater Taffy Afghan

Sample Afghan and Pillow

+Sampler Throw

Santa Rosa Throw

Savannah Quilt

Scallop Afghan

Scandinavian Snowflake Throw

School Spirit Throw


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