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Also try Baby Afghans.

Clustered Stitch Lapghan or Throw

+Coastal Granny Afghan

+Coastal Ripple Afghan

Cockleshells & Bobbles Throw & Pillow

Colonial Charm Afghan

+Colonial Log Cabin Afghan

Colony Afghan

Color Block Flannelghans

Color Fusion Throw

Color Me Blanket

+Color Spectrum Afghan

Color-ific One Piece Throw

Colorful Bee Hive Afghan

+Colorful Wheels Afghan

Colors of America Throw

Colourful Baby Afghan Blanket

Comfort Afghans

Contemporary Granny Ripple Throw

Cool Log Cabin Throw

Coral Fizz Afghan

Corner-to-Corner Throw

+Cornflowers Afghan

Cot Blanket

Cottage Throw

*Cotton Dappled Shells Throw

Couch Cover

+Counting Sheep Afghan

+Country Apples Afghan

Country Blossom Throw

Country Check Quilt

Country Cozy Afghan

Red Blanket

Refreshing Throw

Relaxed Guy Throw

Restful Tiles Throw

Retro Afghan

Retro Circle Throw

Retro Granny

Retro Granny Square Afghan

Reversible Afghan

+Reversible Irish Garden Afghan

Reversible Log Cabin Afghan

+Rhapsody in Rose Afghan

Riacho Summer Lap Robe

Ribbed Ripple Reversible Afghan

Ribbon Afghan

Ribbons and Bows Quilt

Ribbons and Lace Afghan

Rich Mitered Throw

Rich Treasure Throw

Rickrack Stripes Throw

Ripple Afghan

+Ripple Afghan

+Ripple Afghan

Ripple Afghan

Ripple Afghan

Ripple Beige Afghan

Ripple Lapghan

Ripple Surprise Afghan

Ripple Throw

+Ripple Throw

Ripple Throwback


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